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Published 18th June 2010 |
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I've always been anti outsourcing your adwords campaigns, my argument being why pay someone a monthly fee for something you can easily do yourself.

But I've actually been sold by a firm called Broadplace, who are going to take on our campaigns for 90 days.

I'm still sceptical, the monthly fee is very low, we have a break so we can stop after 30 days if I'm not happy and revert back to our old campaigns.

I set the budget, so they can't skim off the top, and I can have dual access to the campaigns, as well as lock them out at any time.

So most of my fears have been satisfied, it's now time to see if they can beat my own conversion rate, for the same monthly spend. After doing it for the last few years, I'm slightly nervous handing our campaigns over, but I shall be monitoring closely!! Plus I shall update here on our progress.

So does anyone else outsource their adwords, or is thinking about it?

Maybe I'll be the guinea pig for everyone else!!

Steve Richardson
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Excellent I look forward to hearing how it goes

I've done them for other people before so it will be interesting to see if they can beat your conversion rates.

forum avatarmarcellarhughes
12th April 2011 12:43 PM
Sure does, i am looking forward to read more of this because i am planning to promote my UK IT Outsourcing job.

Well 10 months or so on, and results are great, and our very own MagnifyB looks after my PPC stuff.

I am a very happy guinea pig

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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16th April 2011 10:34 AM
If you are thinking of outsourcing your PPC don't simply look at the big companies. They may have sophisticated reporting systems and talk the talk but the work is mostly done by quite poorly paid admin/account managers and because of this they don't necessarily have any form of ownership for your campaign(s).

With smaller companies you will or should get more ownership and more drive to make it work. That extra effort if you like, that can make all the difference to how successful a campaign can be.

I have seen some pretty dire and badly constructed PPC accounts in the last 12 months that had been previously managed by large companies. I am not saying they are all the same but just be careful. Do plenty of research before appointing someone.

I would say a big MUST HAVE is that the person who is managing your account is a Google AdWords Professional and individually qualified. Companies can be classified as a certified and accredited Google Partner but that doesn't mean the person working on your account is ACTUALLY qualified or accredited!

And finally, don't look at the management cost as an extra cost. Choose the right company/person and they will save you a small fortune on your spend and increase ROI. The management cost will be so worth it's weight in gold

Totally agree with your points about Adwords Management. I'l admit bias as I'm an Adwords Manager and any work with us is always carried out by someone who has passed the exams.

I recently wrote a short piece on questions you should ask before you hire an Adwords Manager. If anyone is interested here's the link (you can also get it as a pdf for ease of use later).

Seven Questions you Should ask an Adwords Manager

Mike Seddon

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