Google Plus - Kaput! Au Revoir Google Plus

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Published 9th October 2018 |
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After all these year, Google is finally shutting down it's social media platform, Google+.

In official jargon, Google is sunsetting the platform after a major security flaw potentially exposed 500,000 personal profiles. In English, it's getting scrapped.

It was always a late contender to the social media party, which was dominated by Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. But because it was a Google product, you felt like you had to make an effort in case it affected you search rankings in some shape or form. There were years of confusion as Google moved Google maps listings, and shoved them in to the Google plus zone, causing duplicates, missing reviews and lots of frustrated page owners.

It seemed to become popular with more technical groups, but even those in recent years seemed to be quieter than they were. I tend to update our pages sporadically, concentrating instead on the new posts features in  your Google My Business entry (see below image).

Google says it will be winding down the network over the next 10 months before switching it off.

So you have time to collect any worthwhile content, shove it on your own site instead of Googles, and start removing those G+ like and sharing buttons and links you might have on your website.

Here is the official Google news release from yesterday: Project Strobe: Protecting your data

So did you use G+ or will you lament it's demise?

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
My Local Services | Me on LinkedIn

Thank goodness as it was useless. I never quite understood what was going on with it, especially when they brought in the Google Map for your business and then I seemed to have a personal page and business half combined. It was odd at best so I barely bothered with it. They never seemed to get it quite right or user friendly enough for me! I am sure it changed every time I looked at it. 

Ahh thanks for the update .. That will fix my issue with my new website. I also never really used it as it was awful.. Google seems to try and find the most unhelpful way of doing something .


Andy-C | Pewter World

Just a reminder, Google is in the process of deleting it's Google+ archive, so if you had any data you wanted to keep, you need to download it  quickly.

Download your Google+ data

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
My Local Services | Me on LinkedIn

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