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Published 13th October 2018 |
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Does anyone have any end user experience of facebook ppc adverts?

Have you use them for your business advertising?



I am not sure I've used the PPC adverts much, I've boosted posts etc. Personally I've found a half decent response volume but no actual work or very little. This may be more to do with my type of business and the way I have targeted my adverts (there's a lot of different parameters you can use, maybe too many!) 

Some people definitely do get some success using Facebook and I've had really good clients through the platform but never from an advert, interestingly! 

Best of luck if you try it, definitely trial a short ad or a mix of ads then use the one that works. Be clever or you'll end up with a big bill for poor return. 

Yep quite a bit.

Have used FB adverts for MLS and also our Trusted Trader brand. They have never really done very well for MLS, but did spectacularly well for TT.  A £500 spend gave us a superb return. Then a second and third attempt bombed spectacularly and we couldn't recapture the ROI of the first one.

Analysing the stats, we were targeting a niche and exhausted our target base on the first campaign. 

But what does work very for us is occasional post boosting . If you have a post that's doing well, then squirting a few quid at it can generate some good interaction which for us leads to some conversions.

FB ad's are great for highly focused targeting, so experiment with a small budget. If it's working, add some budget but keep an eye on your conversion rate.

But for ongoing campaigns, I swear by Google PPC, which is consistent.

Hope that helps. 

Steve Richardson
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Have tried it a couple of times around special holidays , spent a lot of money for no return lol ...So don't use it anymore..

I may try again with my new jewellery site around December as it's getting near completion now ...Just can't figure out google shopping feed

Andy-C | Pewter World

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