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I AM  in Australia and as a last ditch effort to have my say this is where I have ended up.....You all know its impossible to get through to an actual person but I will have my say ..

On 11 December I posted a parcel to my cousin in cost me $34.90 postage, all large denomination prices,     2 x $10,  2 x $5, 1 x $4.60 and 3 x 10c, all International stamps....not the kind of money you spend on stamps for your album...but the family in UK usually send me some back for my collection... 

Not this time though.........the parcel arrived minus stamps.....   There is no way that parcel would have got out Of Aus without stamps and after checking had it arrived in UK without stamps the addressee would have been libel for costs....this didn't even happen at the local sorting it only leaves some one closer.....the postman or someone above him.....but surely the postman would have queried delivering  a parcel without  stamps..... you can't trust anybody anymore.....

Anyone come across this before... 


So the person you sent the parcel to received it minus the stamps? It can only be the postman as you say, the recipient would have been liable for postage?

That's a new on on me, but baffled about the motive as the stamps would be used? Unless he just wanted them for his own collection, but as a postie you'd think he would ample access to all sorts of stamps if he was an enthusiast?  

How odd? Makes little sense?

Plenty of times I've had things go walkies in the post. Everyone knows you should never said money or gift cards. But my mate recently sent me a memory card and I received an empty envelope  

Years ago, cut my teeth in business by doing lots of baying and in the end it would be about 1 in 20 items wouldn't make it to their destination, sometimes even when signed for! Used to regularly do battle claiming costs back, after having to wait the minimum amount of time. Was one of the reasons I knocked ebay on the head.

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