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Published 14th October 2019 |
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When the wife is upset and angry in equal measure because she received a parking charge notice against her car ‘but’ she was not the driver... Athena who are employed by Lidl want £90 for a 20 min overstay in one of their Free car parks. She is caught between a rock and a hard place . Choices;

1) We pay the ticket, I don’t like that idea

2) she dobs the driver in, nobody likes a grass! Or

3) waste our time explaining why the driver over stayed by 20 mins, for a genuine reason and ask is a £90 charge a reasonable response for this transgression. 

anyone want to defend Lidl?

thoughts and any advice welcome.

Ray Priestley

In my experience if you argue with these overstay charges they always back down. So I would appeal against it. ASAP. Especially if you have proof you used the shop (or the driver did).

Personally I wouldn’t..... there is quite a lot on google in regards to Athena and Lidl.... I think many just contact Lidl and get them to overturn it.... last parking ticket I got was on the M11 services overstaying by nearly two hours... never paid it as the car broke down so had to wait for the AA.... I think if you put up a reasonable argument they drop the claim....


Good news, honesty does pay! The wife appealed directly to Lidl but was fobbed of and the store manager simply argued the car parking arrangements were nothing to do with him.

An appeal was then sent directly to Athena, a true and accurate account of the over stay was given, with evidence and in writing. Within 3 days, the parking charge was cancelled. Well done Athena! 

Even though this was not my ticket I always thought it was going to cost me £90! 
I guess Christmas just came early for me.







Ray Priestley

Woo hoo! Great news 

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