What should you know about your lock?

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Published 11th December 2019 |
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Hi everybody, I am Ben from Wigan, a business owner of  Anytime Locksmiths Wigan and I would like to tell what you should know about your lock.

1. Your lock requires regular maintenance. Even, if you have a very expensive up-to-date lock, the maintenance is necessary.

2. Do not try to open your lock with another key. It can cause lock damages.

3. Do not let your children insert other items in the lock.

4. When you have any lock issues (jammed or broken lock, you are locked out, etc.) - call professional locksmith.

Ben Shillings, Wigan


What maintenance does my lock need exactly? 

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 Hello Rebecca  Good question. Your lock should be regularly greased and checked for the hidden misfunctions. 

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