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Published 12th March 2020 |
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Hi, We are newly registered to this site and forum. 


We are a firm of solicitors who specialise in motoring law etc. I have added a link to any one who wants to know more about what we do and I look forward to meeting and engaging with other forum members.




Hammond Trotter



Welcome to the MLF community. If you handle only driving defenses law or any other additional services? 

Steve Good,
GWC India Pvt Ltd


Please don't take this the wrong way lol ... But why defend people who don't deserve to have any help.

Yes, I drove drunk in my younger days and I often wish I was caught and the book thrown at me. Sometimes it's the getting caught that helps you in life

Andy-C | Pewter World

Welcome to the forum. Do you really represent drunk drivers? That's not going to be a popular job...

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Can't believe I missed this one, although it looks like you all scared him off 

I'd imagine business is down now with people stuck at home. Or maybe it's booming as we all turn to drink?

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