Are you coping? A few tips for the lockdown.

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Published 28th March 2020 |
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With everything in lockdown in most countries the majority of people are affected in some way. We have had pandemics before but Covid-19 is really something else, or rather the reaction to it is.

The media are having an absolute field day and my first advice is avoid too much news. Most certainly be careful where you get news from and limit your social media consumption. Rumours and scaremongering are rife, it will not help your mental health to read all that 24/7.

Secondly, do as your government advises. This goes against what a lot of people want to do and to be told our freedom is limited is making a lot want to rebel, especially if we don't trust those in charge. But we must all work together against the virus and that means exercising social isolation and staying at home. Don't be that idiot that ignores it and unwittingly spreads it around. 

Thirdly, don't panic. We don't know what will happen yet and we must stay hopeful. Businesses are affected hugely affected by this virus because of the lockdown but most governments are providing help, some of the info here for the UK Not everyone can be helped so don't stop planning and thinking for yourself. If you are a business owner then you have the drive and ability to find a way through. Maybe you can pivot your business and provide something online now. Training or a course. 

Fourthly, keep marketing! Even if you can't work then market still, as when this is over you want people to remember who you are and what you do. Everyone is online and scrolling on social media a lot more so get out there, be positive and get noticed. Perhaps do some volunteering to help the community or advise others for free, it will all help your business long term and your mental wellbeing. Also plan plan plan. The world will be different when this is all over. 

Lastly, for fellow parents now trying to home school and work and not go crazy, give yourself a break. They will catch up academically if needs be when they go back. Supporting your children's mental health and giving them life skills and your love and attention are far more important than times tables right now. 

For once, we ARE all in this together. Everyone. So be kind, look after each other and yourself and STAY AT HOME!

Stay safe everyone xx


Great post Rebecca.

Stay away from echo chambers of doom. Journalists speculate and social media spin half-truths and nonsense in all directions.

Secure the business with any means possible, then keep talking to customers and plan for the future, because this will end.

That said, British humour is definitely in full swing, with buckets of hilarious content on Facebook. So forget serious conversation and use it to keep in touch and for entertainment 

Steve Richardson
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Thanks and absolutely!! Some of the memes I've seen are hilarious. I'll find some clean ones for the humour thread 

Yes, great post .. I haven't been listening to any news, well except for when Boris speaks. .. I have to say and my wife will agree to this, I am a hypochondriac lol...

I'm staying home now as I have been lucky enough to be Furloughed for 8 weeks. I go out as little as possible , except for the shop trip or walk. This is so unreal to me as the last time I was off for so long was way back in 1985 (aged 17)  before I was conscripted into the air force and that is if it doesn't go on longer. My wife is in the same boat but her business is still getting orders from locals so it helps , but am scared she gets it  as she does go to the shop quite often as there are limits on what you can buy


Andy-C | Pewter World

Well all the best to you and her Andy. Stay safe. My husband still has to go into work as he can't work from home. It's a bit annoying as that means I'm stuck at home with the kids by myself so I can't work until the evenings. But I know a lot are in the same boat. I'm lucky my business is still going!


Yes, great post .. I haven't been listening to any news, well except for when Boris speaks. .. I have to say and my wife will agree to this, I am a hypochondriac lol...



Nice to hear from you Andy, and apologies for the long absence! Bad news about being Furloughed, but at least it will keep the money coming in for now. 

That gives you more time to offer your words of wisdom here 

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
My Local Services | Me on LinkedIn



Stay home,

Keep to follow government advise,

Don't panic,

Very soon we get the medicine for cure this disease,

Compare with road crash death this is not a big (Nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year)


We will recover very soon.


Think Positive!!! Do Positive!!!





Steve Good,
GWC India Pvt Ltd

Hello  Rebecca,

Thanks for sharing these tips with us. 

I agree with you, we need to limit our social media consumption and be aware of the news we are getting, as there are lots of rumors around. These rumors are really making the situation more difficult. Also, we need to follow all the government advice.

And yes, we all need to work from home with utmost determination.

I would also like to put in one more point, we need to include nutrients and vitamins rich food in our diet. Including nutritious intake can help us battle immunity and resistance. We can simply include food items high in antioxidants, antibacterial, antiviral properties and have natural food which can help us fight the normal cold, cough, flu, sore throat, etc.

For more detailed information you can read the article “The Silent War of the Virus – COVID-19”. [] The article briefly explains what food items we can include in our diet to strengthen our immune system.



Yes, there is a fear in this, but hope remains that one day everything will become normal with the help of God.


Nice Post Rebecca!

Thanks for sharing. These are tips are very helpful for all the members of the forum.

I completely agree with all your points. There are a lot of rumours and fake news around, therefore it is necessary for us to believe news from only legitimate sources. Also, it is very important to follow all the guidelines and instructions given by the government. And Yes, we should continue with our marketing and planning. It will be very helpful once this will be over.



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