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Published 30th April 2020 |
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Hi all,

My name is Hazel.

I'm looking to introduce an e-signature system for my companies documentation. 

I want to use it for our service contracts to make it an easier customer experience/allow us to reduce some need for paper filing.

Has anyone any experience of using these systems?

Thanks, Hazel


Hi Hazel

We use Adobe Acrobat. Adobe allows you to use digital signatures, but we rarely use the functionality and for most contracts include an image of a scan of a digital signature, editing the PDF and simply adding the signature image.

This works well for most contracts and suppliers. But there are plenty of providers out there, docusign are supposed to be good but never used them personally. 

A lot of suppliers send a contract, you print off the signature page, physically sign it, then scan or take a pic on your iPhone and send it back. Maybe not super slick, but keeps the cost down  

Steve Richardson
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I use Adobe for mine and it's always worked well enough.