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Published 5th May 2020 |
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Fascinating article on the Beeb a few weeks ago.

A study conducted by Cardiff University has shown that people in their 50's and 60's are knocking 7 bells out of each other after drinking too much 

The authors of the study said although this was "difficult to explain" it was likely to reflect the "growing" levels of drinking among older people in England.

And they suggested some older binge drinkers were still behaving as they did when younger, in the 1980s and 1990s.

"Current cohorts of older people exhibited higher alcohol consumption levels in the past and maybe continuing their relatively higher levels into older age," the study says.

"Since heavy binge drinking, and violence associated with it, were much more frequent three or four decades ago, it seems possible that this generational trait is also reflected in slowly increasing the risk of injury in violence."
BBC - Alcohol fuels rise in assaults on over 50's

As someone who has reached their 50's (boo), looking at youngsters today, they do seem to be a lot less interested in alcohol than my brethren of the 1980s. Or at least that's my perception. Obviously not a bad thing, but maybe society has changed. Back in  the day we were all smoking in the pub and particularly if you were in the military, alcohol was at the centre of any social occasion,  leading to regular interventions from the boys in blue.

These days we are better informed health risk wise and the price of alcohol in a pub is eye watering, with most of us oldies drinking our £3.50 Morrisons Pinot Grigio or inhaling Gin at home.

Instead, today's youngsters appear to be digitally hooked, covered in tattoos and sober, whilst socialising is done online in a game 

Maybe I am a dinosaur that enjoys a trip to the watering hole. But after a trip to Benidorm last year with some similarly aged dinosaurs, I'm not convinced about the over 50's assaulting each other if we are anything to go by. It's hard enough staying awake after 9pm 

What do you think?

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Think many of the youth today prefer the high sugar / caffeine  content drinks...... most will have lost their teeth and will have become type 2 by the time they are in their 50s.... things have certainly changed, though there’s still the Friday / Saturday youth culture that gets smashed before leaving home and then hitting the pubs and clubs....... never really did that in my youth..... can still remember running around Cambridge drunk on Tartan bitter in the early hours of the morning and being ask by a couple of coppers... as to where my trousers were? Before being chucked in the back of a Sherpa van and being taken back to barracks...... times have changed, not totally convinced for the better, but I guess all generations say that.... nowadays two cans and I’m out for the count...



I think plenty still go out when they're students, judging by Coventry anyway. But my experience of teenagers is they're not so interested in it, so far anyway. My step daughter is 16, nearly 17. Some of her friends drink but she's vegan and it doesn't seem to really interest her. They all seem really savvy about drugs as well. Obviously things can change but from what I've seen the younger generation are less obsessed than I was. 

I think maybe some people hit middle age and maybe get divorced then have nothing better to do than go to the pub, and probably have the income to afford it. As you're right, it's far more expensive that's for sure! 

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