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Published 11th May 2020 |
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Hello, I need some help to see if this information booklet below is effective (link below)? I have a client who just created a leaflet to explain the service they are offering, can you give me your thoughts to see if you know what the service is, features, what it does, what is unique, does the costing make sense etc? 

Any feedback would really help. I have made a poll below

Is this information book effective to show the service, features & costings

A: yes, I have a clear understanding about the service offered, features & cost
B: maybe,  I sort of understand what service is being offered, features & cost
C: no, I have no idea what the booklet is trying to do
D: I switched off and wanted to kill myself!

thanks in advance


It's a D for me. 

The text is too small and far too much info is crammed onto each page. The copy needs to be far more succinct and to the point. You should be able to sell your service in a page, not 14. Noone will ever read all that in my opinion. 

Hope you don't mind the honest response! 

I've just gone through it (I love directories, especially niche ones ) and I'm afraid its a big D from me

Full of waffle and irrelevant information. Plus not sure by telling the world you are using an off the shelf Wordpress site is a selling feature?

Potential customers couldn't give two hoots about your history, aims and objectives or what technology you use. Because it's all about you.

All they want to know is what possible benefit it will give their business. As Rebecca said, you can fit all that into a short concise doc.

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I have to go to "C"



This booklet have dumped content and not expose clearly what do you want to be said. Whatever you said, but you can say that short and sweet manner. It's easy to reach your potential customers.

Steve Good,
GWC India Pvt Ltd