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Published 25th July 2020 |
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This is an overview of my companies PPC account We have been trading since 2017 when after about 6 months of using PPC Google ad words we started receiving massive hits and a turnover we couldn't believe. But then Google panda came and over night we lost 70 percent of our business. Can anyone suggest anything or help us return or even build our company again.  Thanks in advance


You are not the only 1 with a graph like this, mine looks very similar. Before Panda I was doing a reasonable turn over with my on line site. But since then ??????? it's just too depressing

I have started getting more written content on my site and it seems to do well for a bit then go back down again

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Hello TyreGuy

Your post doesn't make any sense. The Google Panda algorithm was dumped on us back in 2011, I remember it well because we used to religiously monitor after all the scare stories, and got quite smug because our traffic increased

It had continual updates, which was terrifying every time one was released, then in 2012, we became a Panda victim and our traffic went off a cliff  

The Panda updates carried on being publicised until about 2015, along with the follow on Penguin and they were then just built into the normal search algorithm. So Panda, Penguin and any other furry chums have long been off the public Radar and are just updated automatically along of the 50+ other signals the Google God uses for its search algo.

But all of that is regarding organic search, ie how your website and pages naturally rank in Google.

PPC, (Pay Per Click) is a different animal  and while algorithms may impact auction costs and the price you pay, you can't directly blame it on Panda.

If you are spending money on PPC and it generates 70% of your business, but that is generating high revenue, then invest in some PPC consultancy who will quickly be able to analyse your account and steer you back in the right direction.

If you go into your adwords account, you should get pinged from time to time by a Google adwords specialist. Use them, they're free. They always try to get you to spend more money because that's their job, but they can fine tune your account and spot any problems.

I love PPC, as it's a great tool to play with keywords and is hugely cost-effective because you have instant data allowing you to tweak and adjust. But it can also be very expensive if it is allowed to be inefficient. 

But if I was reliant on 70% of my revenue from adwords, I think I would investigate investing in organic alternatives. If you are bidding for a particular keyword that converts, then work out how much that keyword is worth to you in sales. Then invest some cash into getting that keyword indexed in Google so you show organically rather than as PPC. Longterm, it would be a lot more cost-effective, but obviously depends on the popularity of the keyword/phrase. 

Hope that helps.

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Things are picking up for me now that google shopping is now free and my shopping products are now showing up and my stats are showing this too ... I just need some tester as per my previous post


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