Melania Trump is scamming me!

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Published 21st August 2020 |
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That's my visa to the USA blocked forever

Obviously these scam emails are as old as the hills and I can't believe a single person anywhere in the world still falls for them, so baffled why they even continue. But it's the first time I've had one addressed from Melania Trump 

On a serious note, these scammers need to up their game, employ a decent proofreader and address their grammar. Plus make the scenario a little more realistic. Maybe I could become some kind of scamming coach/consultant?

In fact, send me £100 in tune vouchers and I'll give you loads of advice 


First Lady United State Of America .

I am Mrs. Melania Trump this is to officially inform you that your overdue
payment from United Nations total sum of US$15,500,000.00 (Fifteen Millions, Five Hundred Thousands United States dollars.) is currently here in my office white house Washington and the funds will be delivered to you as soon as you get back to this office and comply with the requirement as needed to deliver your total fund to you as well. Your home address and your cell phone numbers is highly needed to complete this delivering to you as well,

Bear in mind that I have taking my time to be in charge of your fund as instructed by my husband to ensure that you received your fund successfully from the white house to reduce the economy and I’m the only one that has your fund in regard to my husband Mr.Donald Trump II and you will have to pay the sum of $100.00 only buyj iTunes card,  or Steam wallet card before your Bank Cheque Draft will deliver to you , the reason why the fee is required is to have your fund clearance paper from the origin of the fund to avoid any harassment from the authority and you are also expecting to be announce as Beneficiary of the said amount as your fund is delivered to you.

So you are urgent advised to get back to me with your personal information, home address and the payment information today for immediate effect of your delivery. Note that the 100.00 is the only fee and final payment you have my assurance,

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter via e-mail address:


Mrs. Melania Trump
The White House (Official Residence of the President of the US)
First Lady United State Of America .

Steve Richardson
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That's really quite hilariously brazen!! I guess they are having a punt that one or two fall for it.

How ridiculous!!

bwahahahahahaha Melania needing iTunes cards ,I'm sure she can buy her own lol.

This is a poor 1 but there are some great scammers out there sadly who are always ready to steal your money. Also am sure most of us have been scammed at least once before and may not even know it

Andy-C | Pewter World

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