VAT rules change in Jan - thoughts?

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Published 23rd October 2020 |
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This is a little worrying, saw it on Twitter earlier.

I think this is where the real impact of Brexit will start to be felt by all of us 

So business-wise, the upside is less competition in the UK from Europe, the downside is less choice or higher prices.

So is this scaremongering or genuine concern?


Steve Richardson
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Can I answer this in July next year

It may be hard to begin with , but will get easier over time as you adjust to the new life style. We do as a country get far to much anyway.. Hopefully things will start to be manageable after a few months or years.. Although I do think the EU may collapse after we do leave as most EU countries are not to well off ( Wishful thinking) 

Andy-C | Pewter World

It does look worrying. A friend of mine who works in manufacturing says the up side is that many more companies are now wanting to make their products here in the UK and source it all here if they can. As it's getting very complex to do it abroad.