Onwards and upwards...

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Published 31st December 2020 |
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What a year huh?

There have been some highs but a long and tiring low which affected us all. And it isn't done with us yet.

But we can congratulate ourselves for being resilient and for making it to the end of the year! Home schooling, Joe Wicks and some virus thing did try and stop us but we're still here and I hope you are still smiling.

We can't control what is going on around us but we can control our reaction to it and our own little worlds, so I plan to focus on that by working on myself and my business going forward. 

Happy New Year to you and your families. I hope you enjoy whatever you get up to tonight. As a parent I am already used to a boring NYE anyway! 





Same to you and everyone else on the site

Andy-C | Pewter World

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