What happens in the White House?

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Published 7th January 2021 |
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What happens in the White House, USA? Rethinking it is a democratic country?.

Steve Good,
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I assume you mean what happened? It was dreadful. And to think it was a coup incited by the President himself is shocking indeed. I think it's about time we saw the back of Trump! I was glad to see her got banned from Facebook and Twitter. 

Well the last time an angry mob stormed a US Government building, they were wearing Red Jackets and set fire to it. Because of the fire damage they had to paint it white and the rest is history... 

But I will miss Trumpton in a perverse strange kind of way. You never knew what madness he would direct from his Twitter account one day to the next.

American democracy is in definite need of an MOT and major overhaul. Is Biden the man to unite a very angry divided nation? I'm not convinced, but then I still baffled that from a population of 200 million, Trump and Biden were deemed the best of the best candidates to lead the country. 

When you look at it like that, something is broken somewhere...

We may have plenty of faults, we all disagree with each other on just about everything, and we have bumbling blondie who doesn't know how to use a comb in charge, but I praise the lord that by a geographical stroke of luck, I'm British. Because the rest of the world seems as mad as a box of frogs.

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What happens in the White House, USA? Rethinking it is a democratic country?.”

Donald Trump Is on His Way Out of the White House.


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