New Scam report - Energy Firm

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Published 1st November 2011 |
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We just got cold called this morning from a firm calling themselves Energy Solutions (no association with any real firm or website of the same name).

Full on hard sales pitch, reduce energy costs blah blah, but no website that you can visit "we don't have a website"

Very aggressive and full on, and trying to get financial information. When our man Clive started interrogating him, he slammed the phone down.

Number we were called from was 0208 150 6550

Nothing on Google for this number... until now But be warned.

Going to name and shame every monkey that tries to scam us with crap advertising, dubious SEO firms or Utility cons.

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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We've been getting a lot of these calls too Steve, very aggressive and very rude when you dont give them the info they want.thumbsdown

Good call -
I've also been getting a lot of Facebook cold calls recently..

Similar to the "We can put you on P1 google" kind of phonecall, not a Scam but equally annoying!

Paul Green

A good rule to abide by is avoid impulse purchases - never buy anything over the phone when it's a cold call.


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