How to Promote a Telephone Answering Business?

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Published 4th November 2012 |
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Hi everyone,

I've been asked to help increase awareness for a company that offers telephone answering, but I'm not quite sure where to begin, other than calling up every business in the directory book! But obviously, that's just going to annoy other business owners.

Could you recommend anywhere that's worth advertising? Because selling to customers is easy enough, but selling business to business is a real challenge.


The trouble with telephone answering services as I see it are as follows.
The answering service company knows nothing about the business, so cannot answer any questions other than to say to the caller "we'll pass your message on, and get someone to call you back". So I don't see the point when I already have an answerphone. I may also call someone and leave a message for them to call me back, they return the call by calling the telephone answering service who then call me to tell me the person I've asked to call me has just called... Seems a long drawn out process, with piggy in the middle making money at my expense..


Hi everyone,

I've been asked to help increase awareness for a company that offers telephone answering, but I'm not quite sure where to begin...

Do you mean a Virtual Assistant call answering service? ie you divert your phones if you are busy, but at least you have someone who can answer in your company name and deal with an urgent enquiry if needed.

We use one ourselves, works a treat. Marketing wise, they advertise just like any other service based business, online. Optimise the website for organic traffic, or use a PPC for quick directly targeted traffic.

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5th November 2012 5:42 PM
For such services, I think redirected no.s or virtual receptionists will be a great call. With virtual receptionists you can add an extra feature of virtual assistance. I just suggest you to go through United Virtual Office for a great answering service.


You can promote this kind of business in television using text bulletining.


Have you tried paid search? Set up an Ad campaign on Google Adwords. Telephone answering service keywords can be expensive so it's quite important to have a well structured, tight campaign but it can work extremely well.


You can market the telephone answering service the same way as any other service online. By doing search engine optimisation, or delving into paid search.


I would suggest you take a look at what their competitors are doing. Find out how you can better than another and why people would use your company. you can start looking for clients. There are several ways to do this. Advertise through posters, pamphlets, personal visits or telemarketing.


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