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Published 6th April 2013 |
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simple question,
After some success of getting my adverts to the top of the search page using specific keywords (Google). I now find most if not all of my adverts appear at the bottom of the page. My main rival however sits at the top. My new Click through rate "zero", cost also zero so Google don't benefit and nor do I.

I have tried raising my bids (as high as

Ray Priestley
Hi Ray

Just saw this, as no ones answered, will give my 5 pence worth

How is your quality score looking? A lot of the ranking (as well as dictating the price you pay) comes from the quality score. If you have low scores, it could be your rivals have a more relevant landing page (keyword wise). Even raising bids may not have that much of an impact if the quality is deemed to be low.

Here's 2 examples from one of our campaigns:

I normally try and tweak anything reporting 6 or below, and if I can't increase it, I suspend it. Only noticed I had a 4 there today, after neglecting adwords recently The quality scores do seem to change round over time. I guess it's dynamic and comparing constantly against competition.

I tend to have a good tune every 6 months, and then just leave it be. Goes against how you are supposed to do it, but works for me, and conversion costs remain fairly consistent.

PPC purists say you should be tweaking and optimising continually, and is why you pay an admin fee to outsource it.

Steve Richardson
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Hi Ray,

Steve's pretty much answered your question spot on. It really does sound like you have quality score issues.

The fact that your keywords were running fine for a while and then stopped suggests a few things. It might have been a manual review of your adverts that caused Quality Score to drop. It might be you changed your landing pages and that caused Quality Score to drop.

Is this happening to all your keywords or just a few?

Check your email as well because you may have an email from Google if you adverts have been stopped due to a major quality score issue.

Just to add complexity the Quality Score you see as per Ray's instruction below is not necessarily the Quality Score you have!

That is an average number and only for your keywords. You also have a quality score for adgroup, campaign, display url, account, landing page and more. None of those are shown to you.

That's about as helpful as I can be without looking at your account but it does sound very much like a Quality Score issue.


Mike Seddon

Hey up Mike chuck, how the devil are you, long time no hear!


Hey up Mike chuck, how the devil are you, long time no hear!

Hi Sandra,

Fancy finding you here. Yes, very long time. Hope you are well.


Mike Seddon

Thanks Steve, we found out that I had used the word Epson in one add, that caused the scores to drop and it affected all the adds. We are back at the top, we are Also getting 8's 9's and 10 scores for quality. Back soon with moans about the day job.

Ray Priestley

Quick reply to say that Steve has given you a good answer. Take a look at your quality score. You'll be able to raise your score by making sure your ad, keywords, ads and landing page are all relevant and consistent.


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