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Published 28th May 2013 | Last comment 18th August 2016

I agree Steve. The gentleman I spoke about has been in Network Marketing for the past 20 years and is the top earning partner of the firm. There are currently over 100 countries & over 150 million people involved in this sector, it's currently on the rise luckily for us  I believe the main difference is when you're a distributor trying to sell a product, the customer is more sceptical than if you're saving people money  (as in our line of work), you'll always speak to people wanting to save. You do need people with a good sales technique, people skills and a desire to succeed 

I assume you are talking about Multi Level Marketing? I've never met many (any) earning £50k per month, most end up out of pocket with some aloe vera products, cleaning products or similar collecting dust in the garage   Happy days if it works for some. Had more than a few Utility distributors come and go as well, so I suspect it's down to your natural sales ability and passion, something maybe a lot of folk are missing.

Do agree word of mouth is old as the hills and always the most effective 



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I have got customers from Facebook, Twitter, also the people in my team are contacts on Facebook. 


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For us it is leaflet distribution although don't just use any old leaflet distribution company as you may be throwing your money down a drain! But if done properly the response in terms of new customers can be very good indeed. We have used royal mail and TNT for leaflet distribution but the one we are using now works best for us. They are <weblink removed> hope this helps someone.


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We have used royal mail and TNT for leaflet distribution but the one we are using now works best for us. They are  <web link removed> hope this helps someone.”

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You are absolutely right about not using any old leaflet distributor, but I'm a little sceptical of your chosen champion, Cheap Leaflet Distribution. They only operate from a virtual London address and the website was only registered in July?

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Lead generation is not easy way. It's based on your service or sales, targeted area, competitors  and you can focus on different channels like SEO, google adwords, Social media optimization, Social media marketing, email marketing, print advertising ect...


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