Are we set for a decent recovery in 2014?

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Published 17th December 2013 |
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I really do like Robert Preston's (Business Editor at the Beeb) style of writing, prob why I quote him so much.

But he's done a fascinating analysis of the expected 2014 recovery. Or is it?
BBC News - How fragile is the 2014 recovery?

So are we on the way back up, and business as usual for everyone, or are times still challenging?

I'm cautiously optimistic looking at our stats, small businesses genuinely seem to be spending more, which is a good sign, but nothing earth shattering, so I'm hoping for a continual growth through 2014, rather than expecting it.

What's anyone else's take. Is business booming and you've employed an extra 20 people, are things ticking over nicely, or is it still cautious times out there?

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I think that we still have a long way to go and that the recovery is fragile. I don't think that it would take a whole lot to send things spiraling in the opposite direction, but I am hopeful that things are getting better.


I believe the best recovery is a slow one, learn from mistakes so they're n


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