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Published 17th December 2013 |
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Has anyone utilized reverse proxy websites to do conversion tracking for PPC? Long way around, but apparantly you can understand which keywords generate calls if you use specific telephone numbers on each proxy site?

Feedback anyone?

Interesting idea, not with separate sites, but we do have a similarish set up.

We have a block of 100k 0843 numbers which we use to analyze our top performing free listings. We can run reports, analyze call numbers etc, and work out which categories are being indexed and currently ranked, as our 08's drop out if page views stop, and then get reused.

Although "not provided" hasn't helped, but with a bit of time, you can build a picture of what listings, and thus keywords are generating your traffic. Haven't utilised for PPC, as we only use PPC for business sign up stuff, and already have plenty of historical conversion data.

Sounds like quite a lot of work to set up, the proxy site idea, but the ideas sound. Not heard of it before, is this something you're doing?

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Its something the company who i work for offer, which is grreat when they are charging someone for PPC and wanting to prove an ROI. The proxy sites are a different URL to the customers main site but look and perform identically, the only problem being that the CTR and popularity isn't passed on to the customers main domain, but this is the price you pay for wanting to know what keywords generate calls! It really does get the most out of PPC...


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