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Published 13th May 2014 |
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Hi guys, apologies if a thread already exists...

My retail website has been online for about 6 weeks and the only traffic I seem to have is from people I've told about it ie friends and family!

I've just spoken to Google and they suggested running an adword campaign at £10.00 per day for 10 days as a trial, this will in turn apparently get me listed on the first page and 25 visitors a day.

It may not sound a lot but when you are selling nothing a £100.00 'trial' is a heck of a lot of money.

Have any of you guys tried this, any feedback?





Hi Kempress

I've moved your thread over to the PPC section. If you look around this PPC Forum you should see some good stuff, including a beginners guide video tutorial.

But answering your question, I'm a huge fan of Googles PPC, and have used it for donkeys years. It just works, they've gradually made it more and more complicated over the years, so it can look very daunting to the uninitiated.

But trial wise, make sure you sign up and can get a free voucher. They vary pricewise, but looks like they are offering £75 at the moment:

Forget £10 a day, start with £5, and then with a £75 voucher you have 15 days to immerse yourself in Google Adwords, give it a good play and get some results for free.

Key things, if you get a Google expert contact you (making sure it is a googler and not a scam!) they will want you to spend more money. That's how they make theirs

Most important thing you must do is make sure you set a daily budget!

You will make loads of mistakes, and have trial and errors with keywords, and advert copy, but worse case scenario, the most you will spend a day is £5!

Try it out and have a play. It's instant marketing, so once you have an advert approved, your keywords set, and a budget for each click (keep it low to start with, ie .10 or 10p), look and see if your advert shows in the search results.

You can then move onto the next stage, honing your message, comparing adverts once you have some data, comparing keywords, adding negative keywords for stuff you don't want to show for, adding site links.

Will keep you occupied for hours 

Let us know how you get on.

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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Hi Steve,

Sorry for posting in the wrong section, I'll definitely have a good read through here.

Thanks for the advice, can I just ask one thing...

I'm very new to technology, I'm pretty much an old-fashioned pen and paper guy


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