Oh what a night....

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Published 17th June 2015 |
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Ok, Saturday, my 2012 Renault Trafic pile of cack lost the use of it's clutch at a retail park, it's only done 39,000 miles. Called the RAC, couldn't fault them within 10 minutes they were there and i was being towed home. As i couldn't contact any main dealers being Saturday afternoon, I thought I'd try a local mechanic, got him from Yell.com. Knowing full well how long it takes to do a clutch I asked him to confirm that he would complete the job on the same day, great. He agreed to pick the vehicle up at 9:30 Monday morning which he duly did along with his mother! This should have sent alarm bells ringing, however he seemed quite pleasant and said he would call around lunchtime to let me know what needed to be done and costs, I just wanted to get the job done, so I gave him the key and of they went with my van which is now worth about £10k but also has around £25k worth of tools and equipment in the back. Now I don't know anything about this geezer apart from his name is Jim and a mobile number...... At this point I'm feeling rather stupid and annoyed with myself.

By 3pm he hadn't called me, so I called him, "ah I was just about to call you" he say's "we're just about to dismantle the clutch now" so at this point I know full well I'm not going to get the vehicle back that day. I told him that by the end of the day i wanted a fixed quotation for the repair "no probs" he say's come 7pm no call, so I call him "ah was just about to call you" he say's. I want a price please as I am not prepared to allow things to escalate out of control I told him. "£375.00 everything done" he say's will all be done by Tuesday evening at latest. Although annoyed at the lateness I agreed.

Tuesday, no call all day, so at 3pm I call him and the phone rings but no answer, left it an hour called back phone is now switched off and remains off, sent him a text saying he was to call me by 5:30pm at the latest, no call. At 6pm my neighbour drove me to his business address as listed on Yell.com they list it as 56 the road only goes to 24, I then send him another text outlining all what has been said and agreed and if he doesn't call by 8pm I will report the van as being stolen to the police, finishing the text with "Do I make myself perfectly clear?" 30 minutes later I receive a text from him saying "yes you do" so I call him, my neighbour also tries to call although ringing he won't pick up. So I do as promised and report it to the police.

Now at the police station, I'm doing my best not to get this guy into trouble and pleading with him to call me whilst I'm talking with the police, but all he will do is text, the police send him a text asking him to call but he refuses, saying he is worried I wont pay him! He then sends another text saying the bill is now £475.00 as he had to fit a second hand pressure plate, I haven't and would not ever agree to having second hand parts fitted.  And he has done so without my consent, so I haven't responded to this text. So the police officer at this stage said the way he was acting was pathetic and would log the vehicle as being stolen which it has. He then sends a final text saying, he will meet me at the police station at 10am this morning so he can make sure that he gets paid and then I will get my van....

Unfortunately for him, he's in for a bit of a shock as he's going to be arrested

Episode 2 to follow........ 


OH no dude ,that's terrible.. Just hope he hasn't taken any of your stuff out the van.. Lucky for me mine is a company car so everything gets done for me, but I always remove my stuff ,just in case..

It seem you have tried your best to keep it on the low ,but he seems to have dug his own hole as well but not being honest  

Andy-C | Pewter World

Episode 2...

7am text message, "your vans done" I then let him stew till 8:30 and I send him a message to bring the receipt from Renault for the Renault clutch that he claims to have fitted, for the 10am meeting at the police station...... This seems to have wound him up, he then decides to call, hurling abuse down the phone and quickly hangs up. At 10am I send him another message telling him, that as per his request from last night I am now waiting at the police station for him. He replies that he wont be attending and that I'm to pay £475.00 by bacs and then he'll tell me where the vehicle is. The police have seen this text and have advised me not to pay it, which I've got no intention of paying anyway as the quote was originally for £375.00.....


Oh my!!! What a saga!!! What happens next? This guy sounds like an absolute idiot! I do hope you get it back intact with all your tools! Will insurance cover it all? I hate being a in a situation where you have to trust someone like this and they totally betray that trust.

We had problems with a place near us that took weeks to fix our Bongo and actually did a bit of a botch and seemed to leave evidence that they enjoyed a weekend away in it whilst he had it!! Plus he serviced our car, which then broke down in Devon a few days later. Absolute nightmare. I feel your pain.

I'm looking forward to episode 3!

Gripping stuff....    ...beats any TV drama.   Hope the next episode ends well!

hanging in there for episode 3 lol

hope it all gone OK today

Andy-C | Pewter World

wow, this is proper drama, though I feel your pain. I bet he is well dodgy and he is or has been up to no goo as he won't come near the coppers. Can't they get a warrant to get his detail from yell.com?

In fact, ask him for his bank details and he can be traced that way.


I would be pressing for a blackmail charge as well as he is trying to obtain money by keeping your van.


Playing catch up here, come one Barney, we need episode 3! Is he behind bars or on the run? 

Joking aside, have you got your wagon and tools back?

We have been working with a trader who had his 2 vans stolen, all tools in the back, and they loaded up all his spare tools out of the garage. Heart breaking story which nearly finished him. Took him a while but he's come to terms with it and is rebuilding his business from scratch.

Yet scumbags can go round and destroy hard working peoples livelihoods. I hope you sue the arse of this pratt! 

Steve Richardson
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What's happening?  We need to know!  

Haha yes have got the van, you will not believe how this turned out.... At work so will tell all later...


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