Odious Osborne strikes again

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Published 5th July 2015 |
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Inheritance tax cuts....I am sorry but this makes me absolutely livid! I don't think people inheriting such huge properties need any help! It's all wrong! We have people using food banks but don't worry, if you now inherit a 950 grand house you won't have to pay inheritance tax. It's a disgrace in my opinion. (Guess who didn't vote Tory - I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a spork). Regardless of how they finance this, the principle is a joke and they should be prioritising other issues apart from anything else! 



It's a difficult one, especially for those with properties in London. Personally I find the whole idea inheritance tax rather distasteful, regardless of the amount involved. I would say the majority of the properties I visit are worth in excess of £1million the people that live inside them are by and large just normal working class people. Now when these people die and want to hand their properties to their children who are now desperate to get on the housing market, why should they be left with a tax bill that will force them to sell the property? 


Yeah I know it is sort of bonkers ,although there are ways around this I do believe

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Afraid I disagree on this one  

Warwickshire is a reasonably affluent County where house prices have rocketed over the years. The modest family house may well now end up falling into an inheritance tax bracket. If a family has worked hard all their lives and want to leave their property to their kids who may well be struggling to get in the property ladder, or afford a decent size hose for their own family, is it fair to hit them with a huge tax bill?

Politics aside, I'd sooner see a culture that rewarded and encouraged people to graft and do well, rather than punish and squeeze through taxation. This will translate into more jobs, more tax being paid, with more revenue generated for the treasury coffers. I think we are finally (but slowly) heading in the right direction, a more realistic and affordable welfare system, with a gradually changing mindset that it's not up to the country to carry you.

All parties historically are to blame for the current state of affairs we live in, but it's only as we approached bankruptcy, that peoples attitudes slowly changed and painful action had to happen. When 90% of families were entitled to some form of child benefit or tax credit (me included), then the system was well and truly broken. 

Inheritance tax is a highly emotive subject, but a drop in the ocean money wise in the rebuilding of a genuine, fair and sustainable welfare system. Which should be the priority that is needed to protect and help the vulnerable, needy or those that just need a helping hand to get back on their feet. Unfortunately decades of mismanagement and welfare culture are going to be painful to rectify, and I think there is a lot more pain ahead before we can say goodbye to food banks.

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The world would be a boring place if we all agreed! 

The world would be a boring place if we all agreed! ”

lol now that's the truth  

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