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Yes,email,and sms marketing

For more detailed information...

Contact us privately.

How Can Double the Website Traffic? 22nd February 2020 7:52 PM

People who are not experienced at executing s.e.o. strategies,think it’s one dementional,but it’s not..

There are multiple things to consider...

Its not just one cap fits all...

Constant monitoring  is absolutely paramount...

As for doubling your traffic, what are you doing with the traffic you currently get?

You can have the entire internet visiting your website...

And Get “0” sales or leads ,Why?

Because you don’t understand conversion...

That’s how I Know whether someone is experienced or not.

They’re either complaining about not enough traffic.

Or,getting a lot of the wrong type of traffic, “0” interaction.

And massively increasing their website bounce rate.

The simplest solution to solve your problem is.


Will Anyone Else Be Celebrating 31st January 2020 11:16 PM

Well said Andy,

the biggest problem a lot of people in Britain have,is an extremely negative mindset.

They have been dependent on the EU for so long, they have no vision to see that Europe is not the world.

They were conned into joining in the first place,the British people were deceived.

We should get behind the leaders, and focus ahead.

There is a whole wide world out there.

Most people don’t realise how evil those E.U. dictators are.

And what goes behind the scenes.

Good riddance...

Why do you think they make leaving so complicated?

Because they they want you to have a choice? NO!

If they think Britain is the last to leave, watch this space.

It’s great to hear the opinions of people.

But, there is a massive difference when when you are experienced in creating ads.

I am, interested in finding out what kind of business you are advertising.

Because, some platforms are not suitable for certain types of businesses.

Well said Sophie,

as someone who runs a digital ads agency,I could not have said it better.However,as someone who is constantly on the “cutting-edge” of new developments.

I differ with you slightly.

Your comment about Adwords being a very good and popular way for getting leads is partially correct.

For people in the know,and there are quite a few,there are sources,that are not only better than Adwords.

Why,because unlike adwords, these are pre converted leads.

In other words, people that are proven buyers ,of products and services that you offer.

So, there’s no need to convert any leads.

Hope This makes things a little clearer.