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James has vast experience working within a U.S owned Fortune 200 company, receiving enterprise level early in career training alongside MBA and DiPC education to formalise his experience in consultancy projects. James is a full practicing member of the Institute of Consulting after previously being associated at Affiliate and Associate levels. James has worked in many countries conducting consultancy projects including China, America, Western and Eastern Europe. Through his career, James has worked alongside many Blue Chip companies including McDonalds, Tesco, KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Vauxhall.

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Have I, No.

Would I? Yes.

The issue with this field though, as so many, is that there are too many 'have a go hero's'. I have run X Y Z campaign, or my personal twitter feed has x,000 of followers.

What would I want to see from any agency, or freelancer on this.

- Engagement statistics.

- ROI statistics.

- Cost Benefit Analysis.

If your social media strategy is to be visible, set up a bot and post via that. It's a solid strategy, after all, who wouldn't check a company was legit but reviewing their social platforms, it is just common sense. However, if you are paying someone just to be visible and don't satisfy the above three elements. I think you have a strategy misalignment.

Never, I pay as soon as the bill comes in, I don't expect my clients to do the same. There are payment terms in all of our contracts for this, generally 14 days post invoice, some payable on invoice, some 30 days depending on the client and our relationship. We pride ourselves on paying fast, we are lucky enough to be a fairly cash rich company so... you should pass that on right?

All done for you