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Nice!! Car Criminal Master!!

I fish I was that lucky! Once I got complaints about my fast work! Incredible!

I came on Volvo lockout, the young man seemed to be OK, I checked the ID, opened the lock in seconds and done. The young was surprised, he was like "I won't pay for one -second work".  I was stunned.  Then I caught - he was the next day after heavy drinking- so I closed the door, opened it again, but did it longer that time, and he paid me, anyway murmuring something. 



 That is very good if you have skills and are lucky enough to get into your car with no damages! Bravo. Actually, in Youtube you can find plenty of videos on how to open your driver's door with a balloon or rope or any other thing. But when you call a locksmith, he can notice some breaches in your car's security. In this case, the aim is to prevent crime than to get in the car. It is of special interest today in the times of COVID-19 breakout when the crime rates have dramatically risen. And I'd say, it is better to call an auto locksmith when you think you lost your keys. In my experience, we had a few cases with drunk people.  But our policy is strict - we open the car only for the owner and only if he has someone sober to drive him home Most owners are mad because I refuse to let them in drunk. However, I hope I do a good thing. 

Hello, everybody. I am Leon from Enfield, the business owner of Anytime Locksmiths in Enfield. There are some reasons for the call to locksmith service.

1. You have broken lock or stuck key.

2. You are locked out.

3. You want to upgrade the security. 

4. You require a lock maintenance.

Leon Gibbons, Enfield, United Kingdom.