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Hi there, just read through your issue. Why not use Christmas to drum up new business? Have a Christmas gathering with current and past students, encouraging them to bring friends and family. During the gathering have your promotional material available for new visitors. I would imagine your customers work in groups and make friends, I'm sure they would like to catch up with one another. They could bring you new business for the start of the year.

PPC budgeting 14th February 2014 3:46 PM
I agree with "give it a proper go", and it does work. It saved a couple of my websites after the 2012 Pengiun update. However you can burn through money very quickly if your not keeping a eye on your daily spend. Check for keywords that are spending and not returning and make sure that you have display networks off until you become more familiar with your campaign. As for a budget start with
Free keyword tool 25th November 2013 1:24 PM
I can't get Uber Suggest to work, has anyone else had the same problem?