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Happy father & business owner, fascinated by marketing, local search & making trader directories effective.
- Founder of the UK Business Directory and Forum;
- Founder of the USA Directory;
- Creator of the Trusted Trader platform; in partnership with Trading Standards.

Always willing to help and advise if I can, feel free to connect or get in touch.

Favourite quotes:
- The Attitude of Gratitude - Father Brian D'Arcy
Be thankful for what you have, not stressing about what you haven't.

- Production not Consumption - Daniel Priestly
Be a producer of effort, for health, wealth and family. Not sat on the sofa being a consumer.

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Cloned Royal Mail website scam 15th April 2021 4:17 PM

I came across this article on the Which website and is fascinating at the lengths some scammers will go to.

In the good old days, 90% of scammers were Asian or East European based and emails were full of typos. But this shows a worrying level of sophistication, from duplicating the Royal Mail website.

When the user falls for it and enters their card details to pay for a postage charge, the bank blocks a £1 test transaction from the scammers, which they can tell, so then they spoof a bank number and phone up as the fraud team! Luckily the victim was savvy enough to question the reason why he needed to set up a new sort code and account number.

Just shows though, always be on your guard and question everything, never assume.

fake texts, calls and a cloned Royal Mail

Vegetarian dog treats? 15th April 2021 4:00 PM

I'm curious why you want to create vegetarian dog treats? Is it for cost saving reasons, less bureaucracy as you have alluded to, or just ethical reasons?

Not judging, just naturally curious. Obviously dogs, cats etc are natural meat-eaters, although I wish my cats were veggies! Would cut down on the mice and pigeons they like to murder and bring back as trophies. 

As for your question, no idea, but go and talk to the Gov pet food experts:

What is your best summertime memory? 15th April 2021 3:51 PM
the 1976 drought was just brilliant.... all totally innocent and wonderful life.....”

Remember it well, kept getting into trouble for making little fires with my magnifying glass

Used to love cycling for miles in the summer with my mates as a youngster, never had any worries about traffic. These days it's a nightmare for my kids, even some the marked cycle lanes are death traps.

I was talking to my old man recently about cycling, motorbikes and how car drivers seem oblivious these days. His theory was I was probably one of the last generations to go from little motorbikes, 50, 100 and 125cc then to cars. From the 90's onwards, kids seem more interested in cars, so you lose that built up respect and awareness for motorbikes. With fewer kids cycling on the roads, I imagine the same is true for pushbikes. 

Anyway I digress  

Does anyone take the corona vaccine? 15th April 2021 3:42 PM

Had the Oxford One, only problem I had was unable to keep my eyes open and fell asleep. Great excuse to go to bed and ignore the kids 

Quora Ads (PPC) - worth a look 15th April 2021 3:36 PM

It's a timely reminder to update this.

So I finished my Quora experiment in mid-March, after giving it a few months.

For me, in the end it wasn't really viable for what I was using it for. It generated a lot of free listings, but the conversion rate was too low from free to paid sales. 

For the cost of £418, we generated 1,436 free signups, of which around 40% didn't bother clicking their verification link which probably means they were low-quality spam. Of those that did signup, around 1% converted to a paid option. As we don't chase up leads or do any telesales, then it doesn't make much sense to pay for just free listings. 

Compared to Google PPC which is a consistent 9 - 10% conversion rate from free to paid, making the campaign very viable.

But if you are only interested in leads, and will be chasing those down, or you are looking for web traffic generation, then Quora may well be viable for you. It is very straightforward to set up, a lot less complicated than Google PPC, put aside a little budget and try it out.

Quora is our bestfriend. I always go there whenever I need to get enlightened.

I a certified Quora addict, but It's not often I left feeling enlightened, more dishearted from constant jingoism and uninformed experts. Occasionally I'm pleasantly surprised  

Harry and Meghan... thoughts? 12th March 2021 9:19 AM
The happy news today was that Piers Morgan left his job. Now that's someone I have a strong dislike of. And that's me being exceptionally polite!!! ”

I don't have a problem with Piers, I wouldn't watch any of the car crash daytime TV that idiot would be on in the first place  

Even BBC Breakfast has gone from updating you about the news to Nagga's self-indulgent opinions about everything  I've moved to LBC, which may be just an old fart thing.

That said I did think Piers think he was quite good on life stories, or whatever his interview program used to be called. 

SCAM - Telephone call, just press 1 12th March 2021 9:11 AM
We used to get this problem so frequently that we decided to take action. We bought a trueCall telephone screening device which lets through without interruption all our approved callers, but forces all unknown callers, with either an unrecognised number or a withheld number, to record a name before allowing the telephone to ring, when we have the option of rejecting the call, flagging the caller as blocked permanently, flagging the caller as permanently accepted, or accepting just the current call.”

Thats really interesting feedback. I imagine that being a hindrance to commercial business customers but for a charity or home use that sounds pretty good. Just looked on their website and can see its registered with Trading Standards Buy With Confidence and has some good feedback online.

For anyone that is interested, their website is:

Harry and Meghan... thoughts? 8th March 2021 12:59 PM
I’m not a monarchist nor am I a communist........ but from a bygone era I know one knows how to deal with other....