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Noone in my family is self employed. So there no point asking for help. 

So basically I’m going to start my own business selling on amazon. I know how to do it and have been learning it for like 2 years. Now that I have the income to do it, I’m going to have to become sole trader if not LTD :O oh nooo 

Look I’m only 19 and I know NOTHING about self employment, tax, vat this or that. All I know is once I make 80k I gotta do vat. 

Is there like someone I can genuinely hire for a one on one mentor to help me on my journey? Idk if an accountant would be the right person..., maybe an accountant would know? But I’m sure they expect me to know like what I m doing at least.

This is so hard idk where to go or start. All I do know is how to start making a full time income on selling Amazon, that’s it. 

Please advice me where to get support. Like literally I need a mentor or something to teach me about well everything I need to do. 

I understand the gov website explains a bit but I just ughhh so overwhelming because idk where to start