Best shipping solution for new ecommerce business?

By : Forum Member
Published 15th February 2022

My husband and I are planning to start a fitness equipment and accessories retailer (Miller Fitness Equipment), and sell across UK mainly, and possibly Europe/US.

Some items will be sold via a drop-shipping service from suppliers we’ve contacted (mainly the really big items), but for small to medium size products, we plan on buying these in which means that we’ll get a large discount, and we will send these ourselves.

We are looking into shipping solutions like Ship Station, Shippo and In Xpress. Does anyone have experience working with companies like these? (in a similar way to our planned venture)? What are the pros and cons? Any hidden charges? Easiest to use for someone just starting out? And/or does anyone know of a better company maybe we’re not aware of?

Thank you in advance for any help and advice you can offer us.