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Can anyone help me with SEO 15th September 2016 8:05 PM

Hi Linda

Have you got this sorted or would you like a report on your site.  

What keyphrases ( keywords ) are you targeting ( so I can get some stats on numbers of searches, possible visitors and where your site ranks for the targeted phrases ).

From an initial check on your site there are multiple pages:

  •  targeting the same keyphrases
  •  with short page titles
  • with no page titles
  • with same text for the page titles and H1 ( main heading on the visible page text )
  • with no descriptions
  • duplicate titles
  • duplicate descriptions
  • and much more.

As I say I can give a overiew report for your website if you would like it






UK Counties 19th August 2016 4:07 PM

Hi People

You both makes a good points and I like the Optional County field, Steve

CPC's 18th August 2016 2:15 PM

Hi Andy

I used to use free sites a lot during the mid 2000's but toward the end of the decade, I found heaps of spam being received.  

Knowing that this was only ever going to get worse, I adopted a twofold approach. 

  • I changed my important email contacts to a new email address
  • I continued using the old email address for only trivial, trial or less important accounts. Doing this meant, if I wanted to I could either forward email I wanted to keep or create a new account in my important email account name.

Further more I could clear out the old email address completely as required ( knowing that all email is of low quality or forwarded to important email address ).

All I can say Andy, is watch your spam email levels and see if this rises rapidly. 

Good luck


CPC's 17th August 2016 2:35 PM

Hi Andy, Steve

Careful of Free sites. They tend to:

  • Sell their data
  • Have relatively  poor security
  • Have privacy issues
  • Have few visitors, because of the above.
  • And other issues


UK Counties 16th August 2016 3:29 PM



Does the attached suit



Hope this helps

Can anyone help me with SEO 15th August 2016 6:43 PM

Hi Linda

Suggest having a contact form (with captcha) rather than displaying your email address openly.

Displaying the email address is an open invitation to harvesting by spambots.

Hope this helps

CPC's 15th August 2016 6:21 PM

Hi Steve / Andy

My experience with Adwords did not work at all for what I wanted ( Selling software ).  

My budget went down rapidly with few if any sales. 

Some businesses do well with PPC forms of advertising, but it seems to depend on

  • your target location
  • the targetted keyphrase
  • targetted product / service offered
  • how saturated the market is for the product
  • how well crafted your headline is
  • how well crafted your ad is

Click fraud is difficult to prove and eats your budget quickly when targetting highly contentious keyphrases.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) is more balanced, though this to can be a minefield with defacto standards imposed by some search engines, followed by the myriad of attempts by 3rd parties to circumvent the changes ( sometimes successfully though shortlived).  



Child Safe web browsing - any ideas? 15th August 2016 6:03 PM

Hi Steve

Good to know that there are some reliable sites out there for children.  Yes, a niche indeed.  



Child Safe web browsing - any ideas? 12th August 2016 1:00 PM

Hi Steve

Yes, unfortunately it is a sign of the times. Anywhere you can put an ad, they will put 3. It does get a bit wearing, but with fewer and fewer manufacturing companies, more and more service companies are being formed, all jostling for attention and Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook et all are happy to help and take the cash.  

Clearly they believe that adults use these sites more frequently than perhaps they really do, but it is not going to help they cause, as stats will show that the users of such sites ( the search engines for children ) will not respond anywhere near as much as they would like and revenues will fall.  

Most children will be blissfully unaware of what any of the ads mean, but some of the pictures are in bad taste ( bearing in mind the site's users ) at best, and as you have rightly pointed out some are provocative or controversial or even totally inappropriate.  

The website admin should be notified of such bad practice.

Hopefully Swiggle will be all you want in terms of a children's search engine.

My apologies for the pdf and its unfortunate content.


Child Safe web browsing - any ideas? 10th August 2016 3:39 PM

Hi Steve

You might like to consider the use of a child friendly search engine such as:




There are more on the pdf available Here