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PPC a waste of time? 27th March 2015 12:32 PM

Hi Steve, ta..  Re moving in .. I have actually been dabbling with it over the years on many different sites with many different services or shops etc. (Googles prices are now just plain ridiculous.. unless your a massive Company)

Re landing pages.. I think for some reason this is the problem.. Funny enough the Smarter Business Choice one above is one I haven't used as much re ppc etc..

I am using (again) different sites and different services.. examples.  etc

Re too busy etc.. so you think I have too much on a landing page and should maybe make these easier on the eye?

Re my industry and ppc not working.. out of approx 400 hits lately a cost.. I had had Zero enquiries mate so that says it all?

I thanks you for your input here Steve..  and will look at the Start up Surgery.. but to be honest its getting to a time when I think all of this including dabbling with websites etc and directories and search enginesand SEO etc (and I have done it all) is a waste of time for me.. that's how I feel at the min anyway

Thanks David

PPC a waste of time? 24th March 2015 1:13 PM

Hi, we have spent a small fortune over the years on paid ads via the likes of Google, Yahoo. Bing etc etc.. and it has been a total waste of time in my experience.. e.g. this week.. over 300 hits to site and not one enquiry?? They also always seem to register more clicks that your actual stats show.. need something else. Anyone any ideas? BTW Its Business Services we do like Utilities etc.

Thanks David

I think paid ads are the best way to get good leads. They give us a number of niche targeting options, so the traffic that comes through it is actually looking for our product and thus the chances of conversion are higher.