Our first Forum Wedding 24th February 2015 4:17 PM

Thanks Clive and Steve.

It was a lovely day, very overwhelming and emotional.

Clive - Don't you dare!  (Did I tell you what a delightful man you are? How anyone could call you grumpy is beyond me) hehehe



Bad review couple win compensation 4th February 2015 4:55 PM
Good lord, Trena and Mark in one day 

Sounds like you've had a fair wait for your day in court, good on you, and let us know how it goes!”


Just a quick update for you guys, the hearing in December was adjouned due to another case, but we have been in court today and won!

The judge ordered a full refund plus costs to be paid within 14 days  

Bad review couple win compensation 7th November 2014 10:12 AM

Not holding my breath, but not giving up either! 

Bad review couple win compensation 6th November 2014 10:56 PM

Just a quick update on this, we finally have a court date for this for next month!

Maybe I could borrow Steve for a week to sort Mark out ?

Bits of paper drives me insane! 

My other half Mark, will write on anything that's available, old envelopes, the back of receipts ANYTHING! Telephone numbers, email addresses, customers details all just floating around and getting lost!

So I bought an A4 pad to keep track of calls etc and action needed.

He came into the office, tore the page out of the book and hey ho, we had more scrap bits of paper to get lost.

I then discovered 

Fabulous, client details, job details etc all in one place 

Every morning , I print off his daily work sheets so he knows exactly what is what, where and who.

Now he uses the back of those same work sheets to write important info on while he's out on the road!! 

I'm doomed to a life surrounded by bits of paper! 

Bad review couple win compensation 14th July 2014 9:35 PM

Oh Clive, there's me thought it was just me they didn't respond to!

Bad review couple win compensation 30th June 2014 2:00 PM

I'll keep you updated! 

Bad review couple win compensation 27th June 2014 6:15 PM

Did it arrive?

Bad review couple win compensation 26th June 2014 5:31 PM

Ohhhhhh sounds a bit like the fun and games I've been having with (company name removed by admin due to ongoing Legal issues)

They took my money  for an advertisement that should have gone live from the end of February but is still not up.

They also threatened me with court action unless I removed my review that I left on Bizadvisor.

I emailed them in April and they said the advert had not yet gone to print due to delay so I told them as they had failed to meet agreed deadlines and as it had not yet gone to print, to cancel my order and issue a refund.

The reply was 'You don't have the right to cancel!'

The past 6 weeks have been spent on emails back and forth trying to get a refund of over £600 for service paid for and not received.

They agreed to a refund to be paid 'in due course when their account dept get's around to it' then asked me to issue them with a VAT invoice for the refund to be issued. (whoever had to invoice for a refund?)

I emailed and told them I was unable to issue a VAT invoice anyway as we are not VAT registered and the reply was 'If you're not VAT registered I can't refund the VAT as that is government money not ours'

Court proceedings have been started today by me!