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Well, having been off work with some serious issues over the last 6 months I cannot wait to get back into work mode frame of mind again...  just doing part time coach tours at the moment, started last week doing a couple of days a week... cannot understand people’s problems with returning back to work. One things for sure, if people wish to continue working from home then they are going to even higher energy bills than the majority of us.... it’s all going to add up extra heating & lighting, kettle every 10 minutes... personally I’d rather go into work and make the boss pay

I get the feeling there’s worse to come......
Now here’s a strange thing, when I wrote the quote above I wasn’t expecting what has happened to happen... in fact it never even crossed my mind.. okay so last 3 / 4 months I’ve been trying to get an appointment with my GP.... I’m at that age and being male certain checks should be done by a GP, prostrate and all the other bits and bobs.... have now seriously come to the conclusion that GPs don’t really want to do these checks unless forced into doing so.... in my head I’ve known something wasn’t right with me, so 2 weeks ago I telephoned the GP again, he said the symptoms I was describing to him meant he couldn’t see me till January 2022.... the following day I went into work and told them I would only be doing half shift as I needed to go to hospital (weirdly this ended up with me on a disciplinary..... you have to love the bus industry)..... so up the A & E I went.....absolutely brilliant only a 3 hour wait, considering Covid and it being a Saturday night I thought it was great.... had blood tests, X-rays, a finger where the sun never shines and a cat scan.... within the hour of having these tests, we were talking about stomach cancer... I have to go back for an endoscope in the next couple of weeks and some other tests.. fortunately I’ve had 6 days off over Christmas, however, Christmas Eve my GP telephones was pretty sure he wasn’t calling to wish me happy Christmas. He apologised for not seeing me previously, said he had notification from the hospital and was in agreement with the diagnosis.... so Christmas has, well it didn’t even start in this house, my heads spinning in several directions. Don’t have any complaints about the GP or NHS, just suggest if you have symptoms of ill health during Covid and your GP won’t or cannot see you... Just go to the hospital where you will be seen...
I need your advice please .... 20th November 2021 10:01 PM



How I wish coronavirus will end soon to bring back life to normal.”

Life will never return to normal, well not for the foreseeable future. Too much damage has been done, the way people behave and act in public has changed..... some are over cautious, some couldn’t give a fig.... And there lies the problem...

I get the feeling there’s worse to come......

I find there’s nothing wrong with having a bad review.... means to me that your glowing reviews are probably real..... no business however hard they try gets it right all the time so good and not so good reviews are more likely........ All good should send alarm bells ringing...

What is your best summertime memory? 26th March 2021 10:37 PM

As a kid back in the 70s I use to hang out at a place called Tregantle Beach down in Cornwall..... just me and my dog Ben and a few one else around for miles, use to have fires with the washed up timber, burning up washed up oil slicks not realising what they actually were, baking potatoes and other food, rock pool fishing and of course puffing on the odd cigarette without being told off by any adults..... the 1976 drought was just brilliant.... all totally innocent and wonderful life..... sadly it with more people having access to cars it has become touristy.......I’d flip back to that life in a second if I could..

Harry and Meghan... thoughts? 5th March 2021 6:33 PM

I’m not a monarchist nor am I a communist........ but from a bygone era I know one knows how to deal with other....

I feel sad of them. 26th January 2021 9:37 PM

We’ve got 20 off with the virus at the bus depot, drivers, cleaners and canteen staff....... no managerial staff though..... can’t really fathom out the government position as the company I work fork is heavily subsidised by the government/ taxpayers....... government says compulsory to wear face coverings on public transport.... Dept of transport and company says, drivers cannot enforce this...... government says in recent advertising..... Bending  the rules will cost lives.... can see some legal claims heading their way...

Happy Xmas & bugger off 2020 25th December 2020 3:33 PM

Ok maybe not all doom and gloom...... Brexit trade talks are finally complete........... 

That's not like you, usually you're such a ray of sunshine