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I think it is courteous to learn something about the company but what irritates me are the companies with "mantras" that are often displayed on the reception area wall.   I once attended an interview with a well-known supermarket company for an admin role so had a look at their website to understand the company values, which can be different from what you actually witness as a customer.

Wasn't asked anything about company values but had to demonstrate how I would deal with different situations and if there was anything in the past where I learned from a mistake, either committed or averted.  They assumed, rightly or wrongly, that I knew their company but they had also taken the time to read my CV and ask sensible questions.  Unlike an interview many years ago, where I was asked some ridiculous questions such as if I died tomorrow, what would I like inscribed on my headstone.  I resisted the temptation to reply "I don't care as I won't be able to see it".

The road to a Career 19th June 2017 1:58 PM

When I was at grammar school (longer ago than I'm going to admit), the situation was exactly the same.  Not interested in you at end of GCE year unless you were continuing into Sixth Form.  Not sure what happens now but at that time the schools received funding based on the number of students going on to do A Levels.

Off to college I went, learning to type etc and it was the best thing I ever did.  I would never have learned to type at school as I'd left before computers became the norm.  I was also actively encouraged to have and voice an opinion.

Apprenticeships are an excellent idea.  Two local companies, Jaguar Land Rover and Monarch Airlines have excellent and very popular schemes.   Not only are participants learning worthwhile trades but also earning money.  

I've known many people who left university and couldn't get a job, others can't get a job relevant to their degree.  I can remember a family friend's son leaving uni with a good degree and working as a postman.  One of his mates was working as a dustman.

Could Labour be the right move..? 9th June 2017 3:09 PM

I'm not really surprised by the outcome.  

Jeremy Corbyn and his "followers" are living in a fantasy world.  They've had one recent go at trying to run the country and ran out of money (in some departments), so would it be any better this time.  No.  All they want to do is spend, spend, spend with no credible explanation of how to balance the books.  

Interesting that Mrs May has said she will form a government, but what will the DUP want in return?  Not surprised either by results north of the border.  

Many years ago I read Jeffrey Archer's "First Among Equals".  Interesting ending,  with King Charles III on the throne.....


By a job board, I presume you mean TotalJobs, Monster, etc.

I've used both with limited success.  Some applications through boards don't get acknowledged as having been passed to the recruiter (or if they have, the recruiter doesn't bother to respond).  Agencies are not as good as they once were.  A local one persuaded me to sign up with them 16 months ago and I've heard nothing since.  Likewise two national ones, one of which couldn't be bothered to go through the registration process.    Not impressed that basic courtesy has been lost.

A friend, at risk of redundancy for the second time, was told by a London agency to look on their website and on job boards.  Recently read that someone had submitted her CV to a number of companies, describing herself as a "Granny type" who still had all her skills and promised to bake cinammon rolls every Friday.  She got a job!

Air Ticket Taxes 7th June 2017 1:41 PM

The story has moved on and in the light of recent BA IT problems, the real reason should not be a surprise.

BA is not sending monetary aid to Angola.  Years ago a tax was imposed for departures from that country so a cost code had to be applied within BA.  Many years later, the Greeks introduced this 20p per passenger departure tax from some of their airports.  The number-crunchers at BA, not realising it was still "live", allocated the former "Angola" cost code to this but forgot to change the explanation line.  

This may not be the end of the story as the BA-bashers on Business Traveller forum don't believe its the end of the incompetence being displayed at the moment.

Apparently it's been festering for a while, long before Mr Trump even considered running for President.  

Qatar has been accused by other Middle East countries of supporting IS.  As a result, a number of airlines in that region have suspended flights to Doha and banned Qatar Airways aircraft from their airspace.  Kuwait, not involved in the dispute, has offered to mediate at talks to resolve the situation.

I imagine that this will be resolved quickly to avoid tarnishing the reputation of Qatar Airways, not to mention the extra cost involved in the slight detours over Iran and Iraq.  Mr Trump has not got involved, yet.....

Air Ticket Taxes 6th June 2017 11:22 AM

Have you ever bought an air ticket and wondered what all the letters and numbers mean in the fare structure?

A poster on Business Traveller recently bought a return ticket from London to Mykonos.  In the fare breakdown he had been charged £0.20 Angola tax by BA.  Naturally he was intrigued by this so contacted the BA call centre, who found it amusing but did come back with the answer, as did a fellow poster who is a travel agent.

It appears that the Greek Government collects 20p per passenger as a departure tax from many, if not all, of the Greek mainland and island airports.  It is then sent to Angola.  Nobody seems to know why but I don't suppose it's being used to improve things for the majority of the population in that country.  I've had a quick look at both Thomsons and Thomas Cook websites this morning but can find no mention that they do it.  Didn't want to ask direct and give them another reason to charge more for our flights/holidays!

How to save a few quid on security 6th June 2017 11:04 AM

Very funny, but also having a serious message.

Very interesting and surprisingly easy to understand!

Having seen Ms Abbott's latest interview, Labour has as much chance of winning as I have......

Two days to go and still no-one has knocked my door.  Labour man's leaflet was last to arrive yesterday.  Straight into recycling.  Safe Tory seat whatever we residents think of Andrew Mitchell.