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I am a professionally trained proofreader and copywriter, and I love words and grammar (someone has to, right?) My two rugrats of 5 and 2 are my why as I wanted to run a business from home in order to bring them up myself.

I specialise in proofreading for authors, writing CVs and blogs and am also an experienced magazine sub editor for various national magazines.

When I am not buried in edits or eating ice cream you will find me upside down, as pole fitness is a massive passion of mine! I am deeply passionate about Liverpool FC and the Houston Texans (NFL).

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Sun worshipper or grumpy and melting? 12th August 2020 3:30 PM
lol , I came here thinking it was never gonna be this hot. I have never been a lover of the heat but just think of a bright side in that it wont last long. Where I come from it is normal to be this hot at night and lasts for weeks and weeks. As a child I always used to  sneak into my parents room to sleep as they had air-conditioning, got my own eventually lol”

Haha yes we do get it here and it's less pleasant as most people don't have air con. I wish it would just be consistently 25 with sunshine. But no, it has to be 300 degrees or raining and cold. 

Sun worshipper or grumpy and melting? 11th August 2020 11:08 PM

The weather has been SO HOT in the UK. So clearly we need a thread about it. 

The British love to discuss the weather, but frankly I don't feel like I'm in Britain. There's huge storms due to the intense heat today and it's set to continue. 

Of course then it'll be rain non stop for a week and we'll all be moaning about that instead!

So are you a lover of this heat, pretending you're abroad or hateful that you're so hot you can't function? 



You got me thinking about reading blogs now and I don't think I do read blogs at all, unless they look like normal websites and I don't know .. I do watch video's though as it get the concept though much easier”
Each to their own and plenty still read blogs, especially well written, entertaining ones. My clients do really well using them as part of their marketing. It also gives you a theme to work to each time you post one, for all your social media content. 
We are not spending more time reading the blog content. We spent time in the YouTube videos to get the detail whatever we need. Because we have more mobile data and get detailed visuals. This is one of the major reasons YouTube become a second search engine worldwide after Google.”

Personally I hate videos for learning things and much prefer a blog. And Google still ranks your site much higher with regularly updated content on it and if you're answered questions that people are asking 

Perfectionism and focus are two areas I am working on a lot. It is so easy to become distracted, especially when you spend a lot of time on social media with your business, which I do. Turning off notifications has been a great way to help maintain my focus on work.

Blogs, blogs, blogs, everyone is always on about them, but what is the point? Is it actually worth the effort?

According to There are over 152 million blogs on the internet. A new blog post is published every 0.5 seconds. A quarter of all websites on the internet are blogs. 77% of internet users read blogs regularly. That is a lot by anyone’s standards. Do you ever read any yourself? I certainly find myself browsing through quite a few every week, usually if the title entices me in or if I know and like the author of said blog.

But I know not everyone finds them that easy to write and we all have enough to be doing most of the time without adding extra tasks. However, it can form a crucial part of your marketing, and here are six ways to use blogging to market your business.

 Answer questions. Use your blog to provide answers to your FAQs (frequently asked questions), you know, those same old questions people ask time and time again.  Not only is it likely to make it more relevant to your audience you can also use it to your benefit because the next time you are asked one of the questions, you can send them the link to your blog, which creates traffic to your website.

Be noticed. Try and be original. It’s great to be inspired by things you read but don’t just regurgitate other people’s blogs into your own words. Google likes fresh content, also it is boring and a bit lazy. To get noticed you could also try to be controversial! You will find people engage a lot more just to express their opinion, or it may even get people thinking, but it can be dangerous and should be used with caution as people are easily offended. It tends to suit a certain style of person, be yourself, if you are likely to be controversial in real life then don’t be afraid to do that online. But it can be best to keep it light-hearted and always keep it respectful.

Cathartic. It can be really cathartic to blog as you may be sharing something personal and this is almost a form of therapy. We all have life-changing events that we have experienced or pivotal moments, and these can be powerful things to share. It could really help someone going through a similar experience or inspire someone to follow their dream if they read about what you have overcome or achieved. Using emotion in your blogs can really engage people, be real though, fake sentiment doesn’t travel well, authenticity is where it is at. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, people need to get to know, like and trust you before they will buy from you.

Do your research. We all have a lot of information in our brains and much of that is great for blogs, however, when you are writing about a subject, include some facts and figures and make sure you are accurate. So, please check your information is from a reputable source and not just the first result that Google provides. By writing detailed, spot on blogs, full of valuable content that helps your potential clients, you can become the go-to person in your industry. Establish yourself as an authority and don’t be afraid to give away information, help people and they will remember you.  

Everywhere. Get that blog out there! Post your blog on all your social media platforms and signpost people to your website or to a landing page that is relevant to what the blog is about (e.g. if it is about ways to landscape a garden, signpost people to a page for them to sign up for a free guide to landscaping). Don’t be afraid of being seen too much, if people get annoyed, they will unfollow you, and that is just the selection process being done for you, they would never have been clients anyway. It is unlikely people will actually see it as much as you fear in any case, don’t be afraid to post regularly and to look out for opportunities where your blog may be relevant, in a Facebook group, for example.

Find your keywords. Do some due diligence and do some keyword research before you write a blog. In fact, do it for your business in general and then it may give you some great long-tailed keywords to base a blog around. Answer questions that people are asking and you will get more hits on your website. Google wants to see quality content. It is all about SEO – Search Engine Optimization - and by using keywords in your blogs in a meaningful way you will drive traffic to your site and therefore increase your chance of sales, and that’s what we all want!  

Not sure how often to blog? There are no rules but regularly and consistently is best if you can.  Length wise, the new trend is currently for longer blogs as apparently Google is starting to favour more detailed and lengthy content, but the jury is still out on that and some people will always prefer to read shorter, more punchy blogs. I think a mix is usually best as some subjects lend themselves to a longer blog, you can’t summarise how to build a website in 300 words, for example.

Don’t be afraid to get started, brainstorm some ideas, get something down on paper or your laptop and then do a rough draft. Then you can edit it down, create some bitesize bullet points or top tips and check your grammar and spelling (or get it checked for you!) Reading it out loud is a fantastic way to check for errors and you will also hear how it will sound to everyone else.

Now get writing and get posting!

Yeah I know , she didn't make any attempt to put her hand up or even bother to apologize, I was so stunned she would do that ”

I think some people are just totally oblivious to the whole situation! 

Wearing of masks is a good thing despite all the negativity and saying they don't work etc etc. In fact they should be enforced anywhere in a public place. I personally hate wearing them but do so for my health and other peoples. Take for example 2 Saturdays ago a F g female coughed in my face I almost wanted to smack her ... But I had to wait to see if I was OK. Also yes I know it isn't 100% but it does cut down the chance”

Coughed in your face? Sounds like people need some lessons in being a normal polite human being!  

Sunday snigger 26th July 2020 9:22 AM

From today (24th July) it's now mandatory to wear face coverings in shops or when collecting takeaway food and drink in England.

The outcry when this was announced last week was huge on social media. People saying it's far too late, as a lot of countries wore masks from the start, upset that things have gone from starting to go back to normal into another big change.

It's a lot to get used to. Despite many just saying we should get on with it. Everyone can agree masks aren't pleasant to wear that's for sure, and I can't help but think this will be the final nail in the high street's coffin.

Shopping will become even less comfortable (it's already not great with queues, plastic shields in place and cleaning your trolley etc.) So I predict less people will spend unless it's a necessity.

Which would be unfortunate as the government document about bringing in masks clearly stated it was to benefit shops so people felt safer to go into them.

There's also been a number of big brands that have said they won't be enforcing masks. Sainsbury's and Coop are two of them. 

There are exemptions if you're under 11, have breathing difficulties or a disability. Imagine trying to lipread if you're deaf... And please don't put them on young children as it's dangerous.

But perhaps the masks are here to try and lessen the impact of the winter and the usual flu plus the predicted resurgence of Covid-19. If we're used to it now more people will be doing it by then.

Or perhaps the government paid a lot of money to companies that make masks and they are now trying to help them sell them all.

Whatever your view, are you going to be wearing a mask to the shops this weekend? Personally I've moved all my shopping online.