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I am a professionally trained proofreader and copywriter, and I love words and grammar (someone has to, right?) My two rugrats of 5 and 2 are my why as I wanted to run a business from home in order to bring them up myself.

I specialise in proofreading for authors, writing CVs and blogs and am also an experienced magazine sub editor for various national magazines.

When I am not buried in edits or eating ice cream you will find me upside down, as pole fitness is a massive passion of mine! I am deeply passionate about Liverpool FC and the Houston Texans (NFL).

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Quora Ads (PPC) - worth a look 27th July 2021 9:48 PM

Thanks for the insight. Might look into this soon. I'll get my VA on the case!

It was so exciting to get to the final!! Gutted about the result but what an accomplishment to get there. We need to get better at penalties still though..

I hope you're enjoying the Olympics, I love them. 

I'm back! 27th July 2021 9:44 PM

Thanks chaps. The summer seems to be disappearing and it's been full on with the business and children. I'm away with the Family this week but I think I need a holiday by myself after this. Haha.

And ASD isn't anything to be sorry about, it's just means get brain works differently and understanding that is half the battle in some ways. The poor NHS help is definitely something I'll accept sympathy for though!

We've actually got an amazing paediatrician who is trying her best to find us help but it's looking unlikely. 

Life and least of all parenting, is ever quite what you expect is it? 

Current affairs on Quora 27th July 2021 9:39 PM

Good old Quora

The last 18 months has had an effect on everyone in some way. I've been fortunate to grow my business and working for myself was a blessing but it's still been very hard. 

The children have been affected and my own well-being has had some major ups and downs.

Lack of time to myself and lack of time with friends both took their toll.

At the current time my biggest challenge is balancing a growth stage of my business with spending enough time with my family.

Eyes on the prize though and I am saving for a house. So in general I'm really grateful and happy right now and feeling glad I'm here to tell the tale of the last two years. 

What's your customer base too, some prefer to deal with one or the other. Always the way, same as if you are not big enough to VAT register but choose to, it sets an impression. Oh the days of not having too though :P - it was nice to have the choice.”

What a humble brag! 

Quora Ads (PPC) - worth a look 13th June 2021 8:40 PM

Interesting, thanks. I think it's unlikely that my true target market is there though. High paid executives wanting to make a career move of some kind. 

Cloned Royal Mail website scam 13th June 2021 8:39 PM

There's a huge increase in spam emails and texts lately, it's dreadful! 

I'm back! 13th June 2021 8:34 PM

I have been a bit quiet on here. 

It's been a range of reasons but one was my daughter was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) a few weeks ago 

It's all come to light due to the Lockdown really as her behaviour just got worse and worse and the lack of routine etc. Had a big effect.

We're working on strategies to help but it's a big learning curve and she still thrives at school so that's good. As long as they don't close again. Haha. 

It's also meant I'm even more determined to grow my business as I want to be able to pay for private healthcare. 

The NHS is not fit for purpose for anything chronic and the help we need just isn't there. I paid for the assessment privately and it was not that far off £2k! The NHS wait list was 2 years. 

Anyway, I apologise for my absence and I hope everyone is well and enjoying some of the freedoms like the pub. We are not there yet but I'm vaccinated and ready for some gigs!

British humour at its best 13th June 2021 8:26 PM

Hahahaha this is gold Steve!