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Mr Eiffion Ashdown 41 at time of writing this ! The creator and owner of Collectibulldogs.com the worlds first bulldog memorabilia collection online and linked to Brighton museum U.K. with multi award winning articles a fantastic bulldog collection and other brilliant pages Collectibulldogs is a one of a kind (no it really is check) The first to exhibit the breed the first to go online and the first to create an original ebook just for bulldog collectors.

Investing in the future our website will be getting a rebuild July-August 2019 making our website even better than it is now. We have Gary spike O’Sullivan as an endorsement and many celebs have visited our website retweeted our posts and shouted us out.

The future is to one day turn my idea into a physical museum to celebrate a breed much misunderstood and bashed about ! I waited 17 years for another child to join our little family so dreams can come true

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Been a while 19th June 2019 11:13 PM
Hi Andy 


its all fun and games isn’t it ! Have you tried recovering your content I lost mine twice and my host found each one, I now have my own server so alls good now  

yes I’d love to guest post we are definitely in need of some to improve DA and you can either write one back or have some anchor text would you like any specific covered ! 



Hi andy could you email ask@collectibulldogs.com and I’ll send you over a feel good story original and not plagiarised as I just wrote it. We can discuss keywords pictures I can send and a little trick to improve page ranking using YouTube thank you 

Been a while 19th June 2019 3:56 PM

Hi Andy 


its all fun and games isn’t it ! Have you tried recovering your content I lost mine twice and my host found each one, I now have my own server so alls good now  

yes I’d love to guest post we are definitely in need of some to improve DA and you can either write one back or have some anchor text would you like any specific covered ! 

Hey there Eiffion ... How things going ..I've been busy too rebuilding my website ...Also feel your pain about hosting sites as i have recently moved to a much faster more reliable host. Although it hasn't been smooth sailing.
While cleaning house I accidentally deleted all my blog lol and your was 1 of the ones that went bye bye ..Wonder if you still have it lol ..Or if you fancy writing another I'll gladly put it back on again. Blog posts now appear at the bottom of my website no more relying on the awful Wordpress ..It was like having a Ferrari with nowhere to go 




Been a while 18th June 2019 12:08 AM

Hi all 

i had totally forgotten my listing here for ages, our apartment block was sold over a year ago and we had to move, after that my new wife’s dad contracted vascular dementia and her mum has become very ill too.  Last November I finally married my long term partner whom I’m proud to say is nearly past her first trimester! 

With so much stress I was put on antidepressants but soon came off again as I ballooned out like a blueberry, I’m much happier now with just housing worries and the fact I’m going to be a dad again (our first is 17 now) so was a nice shock.

collectibulldogs.com has been round the houses I wanted to try a different host but soon learnt a professional looking company is not always what it seems, why can individual hosts and designers just be honest instead of trying to make potential clients think the company is massive, anyway I decided to go back to digital Wulf. 

After a full migration back Collectibulldogs (me) has invested in a brand new rebuild this time with proofreading help and keyword insertion free from Brighton Museums whom have also dedicated a writer to start an autobiography of my life collection and dreams for the future. 

The same museum will be helping with a pop up exhibition and any legality about taking funds as a non profit social enterprise (this part we are currently starting and any funds will get saved). 

Im hoping for a better DA PR and TF to attract business and advertising to the website this will help us to create the money needed for a professional  appraisal of the whole collection this is for paperwork and insurance for when installations are created or pieces loaned to other museums. 

We do not sell from the collection we do help others to  liquidise their collections using our mass of social media followers ie twitter 210k followers ! We except no follow guest blogs for free and only charge affiliates or those wanting a link or leaving sticky urls. 


Hows your life been lately and can I mention we do link exchanges here ? 


I 17th August 2018 1:00 PM
 Hi Ave,

Can I ask if you are Digital Wulf and if you yourself created the website, or whether you paid someone to do it for you?

Just a few points on your website if I may?

Home Page:

Your logo needs to be bigger.

The space between the hero slider at the top of the main page and the next section is not big enough to have a parallax background in it.  The parallax doesn't do anything for your site.  You would be better off ditching it entirely.

Your text headers, specifically font weights are all over the place.  Bring them in line and make them the same for better reading.

Your body font size is too small and needs to be increased to aid in reading too.

Other things...

You have lower case and capitalised menu items - not a good idea

Your About Me page has capatalised paragraphs!  Not seen that in a long time - also not a good idea I am afraid.

The copy (text) needs editing for grammar and spelling as well as composition.  You have a lot of text, which is not a bad thing in itself, you just need to work on how to present it better.

There are lots of issues with regards to layout and overall user experience which I feel really need looking at, not to mention the tweaks needed for mobile responsiveness.

I think you really could have a great site there, it just needs a bit more work doing to it.

If you want to have a chat about it, feel free to drop me a private message.”


Hi there no I’m not didgetal Wulf although I do know them and I didn’t make this website I made the mess that was the first one, my website does need on page Seo I understand that and the mistakes picked out are of course true but as I do not make money from showcasing my website I cannot afford Seo services except for my friends free off page service. 

Twitter offer 17th August 2018 12:50 PM
Thanks for the tweet .Weddingsgifts is a good 1”

Keep em coming and I’ll remember leave tag and I’ll do go follows too 

been busy 17th August 2018 12:48 PM
It sounds like you've worked very very hard. Well done. Followers don't just appear so I admire your tenacity! I don't think I put nearly enough time into my social media but then my children and my work take up all my time. And that's a feeble excuse I know 

I'd love some help, I'm starting a blog with grammar and spelling tips, not sure it's really your readership's thing though.  

I was talking about bulldogs today and how they used to have such a bad image but don't now. ”


Of course I’m willing to work with you miss that’s what the MLS is all about well I’m not here for anything other to learn and make connections. 159k twitter 57k instagram 12k LinkedIn 31k Pinterest I’ve built it now I’m waiting for them to come lol #FieldOfDreams. 

My help for all those at MLS is free I’d love to charge but it’s just not my moral compass. 

Rebbeca we can chat through here or you can outline what you need from me and send to ask@collectibulldogs.com and thank you I’ve worked so hard I’ve had tears at times but I won’t give up 


She sounds like me, everyone thinks I'm in my twenties on a night out. 

My wife’s beautiful Chinese and doesn’t look a day over 28 she’s 40 in two weeks time. Oh dang opps 

Amazing collaboration 17th August 2018 12:40 PM
That sounds very exciting, well done. 

How are you trying to add the images?”


Hi there thank you I’ve been using the image icon on here it used to work 



Twitter offer 16th August 2018 5:36 PM




Twitter offer 16th August 2018 5:35 PM
If I keep things the way they are it's not really a issue. Although I often wonder if my site is getting out dated ...It probably is   ... I'll have to wait and see how the xmas sale go as that is my busiest time for sure”