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Q&A for Peeps who're hiring remote 29th September 2021 11:12 AM

Hello amazing peeps and lurkers of this forum, I have a question for the HR managers out there.

I've recently connected with a client who wants us to do their HR duties for them, mainly their recruiting and onboarding process. When I read up about their company, they were based in the US! I had told them that the prime locations we serve are in Bristol, London, and Nottingham (i.e. mainly in the UK) and we clarified things on a zoom call.

Apparently, he wants me to do the remote hiring and onboarding process for them not as a member of my company, but as a freelancer/contract project. He said that one of his colleagues (a previous client of mine) recommended me to him when he was searching.

Now, we still do HR in my company traditionally (e.g. we're looking for people who can still work on-site, or a hybrid position) so hiring a completely remote employee is still unbeknownst to me. 

I read up on useful articles to get me up to speed but I'm still at a loss. Have any of you had any experience in hiring purely remote employees? What would the legal aspect be like (e.g. taxes, benefits, etc)? This client offered me a huge sum for my services so any answers are highly appreciated!

Covid-19 again... 27th September 2021 6:08 PM

Those of us in the working class are not really in a good mental spot because of this pandemic. Vaccines are rolling out and countries all over the world are attempting to catapult themselves back into some semblance of normalcy–but it's going to take a while to go back to normal.

Looking for online hustles? 30th August 2021 12:27 PM

It's been a minute since covid hit and affected the entire world. It took a wide-scale pandemic to accelerate the future that we now consider the present: the inevitable transition to the online world.

You'd be lagging behind if you're not already jumping the digital marketing bandwagon. Earning money in the comforts of your own home is the new norm, and almost everyone has been embracing it.

Truth be told, there are so many ways for you to earn money online. An old friend of mine has been making a killing selling low-competition goods and products that are sometimes borderline... odd. An example would be his recent listing for a mid century furniture for his e-commerce store. This is how he operates most of his businesses actually; he would specialize in very specific items that would have a narrow funnel and a high searcher intent: people who search for the odd things he's listing are 90% of the time looking to buy that item.

If you want to be non-innovative though, you can also go down the easy route and build a store with sites like Shopify. Selling on Shopify is fairly manageable to do, but I'd always recommend reading up on resources and doing your own research just to be sure. It's a well-established site that has all the right plugins and templates. For under $200 dollars you can get a site that is fully functional and ready to go; all you need is to find the product and the niche for you.

Many local businesses in the UK have been riding this freight train of a transition and it was only a matter of time. How about you? Have you found the perfect online hustle for your skills and interests?




The pandemic was, for sure, an awful experience. Especially during the start (I'm looking at you toilet paper hoggers). Honestly though, with the casualties and various things that I happened, I'm still thankful that my family and I survived–without taking a few hits though.

My wife and I both got laid off from our jobs; so we had to be creative. We started out with asking a few friends who were into side-hustles if they could hook us up with anything but nothing substantial came out of it. In the end, we had to do a ton of research. We were both in sales and marketing so we put our skills to the test. We started out with just reading articles and guides until we were able to reach out with a friend who was a web developer and designer–everything snowballed from there.

We honestly thought it was a myth–the remote working and "be your own boss" lifestyle, but it is. Selfish as it may be, this pandemic opened more doors for us. Hope everyone recovers and gets back on their feet! 

There have been very drastic changes recently because of the Google Core Web Vital updates. I had a friend of mine whose website's traffic plummeted because of several factors like the recent integration of user experience (UX) into the mix.

I suggest you double check your backlinking profile and the like. I run a b2b e-commerce store that is a start-up at best, which is why I opt to address my concerns directly with a B2B SEO Consultant. Consulting with an expert is much better is a much better idea than waiting things out, methinks...