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Looking for online hustles? 31st August 2021 12:39 PM

Sounds like your friend has a nice gig found out! I beg to agree with all your points, the digital platform has been game-changing in economies big and small. Heck, even rural parts of different countries are transitioning to e-payments and even crypto!

I've also found my reigns in my own online hustle. I've been doing something called sales automation for start-ups and small businesses. Basically, it's creating a systemized sales funnel. I mainly target start-ups and small businesses because these are entities that usually lack an organized and automated way of doing marketing and sales as a whole, bigger companies usually have this in place already! 

This is a nice breather from my usual day job which, ironically, is a sales representative. Lol! 

Covid-19 again... 30th August 2021 12:32 PM

Covid-19 isn't really helping anyone, whether it's the psychological, physical, or mental aspect of life. Everyone has been adjusting. Even without knowing the statistic of suicide ideation going up, we already know it was a possibility. Not everyone is sailing through calm waters–tons of people out there are suffering. I hope everyone stays safe, in London, we're pretty much going back to normal. But I ache for the rest of the world.

Facebook hacked 16th August 2021 11:36 AM

Does anyone here know how to get your facebook page back up and running

I seemed to have been hacked and the email changed and mobile changed, so no amount of retrieving will help. I just go around in circles.I can't seem to find any real help of any sort

I'm not to fussed about my personal page, although would like it back as have memories on it, but can't connect to my business page either which is even more frustrating



Have you tried reaching out to Facebook support? Sorry, it's the most obvious thing to do, but what got the account hacked in the first place? Did you happen to click any unknown links? Phishing emails? Any sort of event that could've compromised your account? If the business page is connected to your personal FB only (which is bad, this is why it's better to have multiple people have access to the FB page) then retrieving it might be impossible now.