Average house price is $177,700. But what does this buy you?

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Published 30th October 2009

Interesting article from the usnews.com discussing average real estate prices across the States.

In the more than three years since the housing bubble popped, American real estate prices have declined at a historic clip. The national median price of an existing home dropped to $177,700 in August. That's 21 percent below the level in August 2006, when the median home price was $225,000. But just as the housing crash has hit various parts of the country with unequal force, $177,700 will buy you a much different house in one real estate market than it will in the next.

To get a sense of how far your real estate dollar will stretch in different parts of the country today, here is a look at homes listed in the $177,700 range in 10 distinct U.S. cities.

What a Median-Priced Home Looks Like in 10 Different Cities - US News and World Report

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