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Published 26th May 2018 |
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I am a retail florist and I am thinking of running evening flower crown workshops for hen parties, leaving do's, a team building activity, birthdays, etc. I plan to venture into different things depending on demand...

I have had a trial run (see photo). Any suggestions as to where to advertise? What social media forum would be best?

Thanks for your opinion in advance.



The best social media platform will be the one where your potential customers are.

I assume you know this already?  If not then go and do some research first, before spending time and money on something that may not work.


I think probably Facebook as it can be local and you can use your own network to promote it. If you're in any local networking groups on Facebook, or networking hours for your area on Twitter, maybe use those as well. Like Simon says, think about who you want to come on the course, and what social media they use. 

Have you thought about using videos to advertise? Your content is quite visual so a vlog, how-to tutorials or a narrative video could be very good for that purpose. Facebook is also good if you want to target your videos to very specific audiences

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