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Published 17th November 2019 |
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Hi, I am Harley from London, a business owner of Golders Green Locks. I`d like to talk about time management giving some useful tips for everybody.
1. Scheduling. Write a plan of your actions for a day, so that you will definitely know what to do with no waste  a time for hesitations.

2. Have a rest. It is extremely important because when you are exhausted your work will give no positive results.

3. Decide what is the most important and what - less. Firstly, do the essential things and then - optional.

4. Do not try to do many things simultaneously. Complete one deal and start with another - the results will be better.

5. Do not harry up. Do your work step by step. It is better to spend additional time for it than bring the low-quality results.

Harley Ingram, London, United Kingdom



Great tips, I would add to eat the frog. Do the worst task first so it's not weighing on your mind. 

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
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Thanks for the notification. By the way, my 3rd position seems to be the "eating the frog"


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