what is best to advertise business in

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Published 19th October 2012 | Last comment 9th July 2013
Google brings many benefits to us about our product promote and increase our product popularity.


Definitely Google for any business, Have you thought about PPC to help? I'd probably suggest getting someone professional to do it for you to be honest! If you do it yourself, you definitely need to learn the art of budgeting properly. I'd suggest using EntroPay to help budget your campaigns, pre-paid means you won't go over budget!


I would say Google is still the best. If you can afford to pay than use GoogleAds, otherwise focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and you can get traffic for free.

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what is the best site to advertise a business local in e.g google yahoo bing please help i am so new in promoting my local business adwords are so expensive

In my view, you first create Google Local Plus Page or go to Google Places and register your business then submit your business to yahoo local.

After this you need citations to your Google Plus listing that you can get from local directories sites.


Google and facebook are both reliable but i would like to inform you that Pinterst has also announce their policies regarding business. Now pinterest is open for business.

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I agree with all the above, try Facebook and Google.- Google is very popular as it is viewed everyday.

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Did you register your business with Google Maps/places ? If so this is very good, as when people search locally they see the Google Maps results on page 1.

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Best idea promot your business is social media like Linkedin, facebook, etc
But its depend what type of your business.


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24th May 2013 10:57 AM
maybe you can register on some yellowpages on your industry.


Google adwords, if you are careful about the budgets and monitor "daily" you can get some good results. It is worth talking to the technical advice team, they can help refine your adverts. Downside, i find that it is a very complicated system that can be very expensive if you get your settings wrong!

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