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I am little confused with semantic search, For products or for services it is absolutely OK! The challenges arise when you have a business website, or website for any organization and many a times for blog!

For instant - Lets have an example of blog, like where you talk about challenges of small businesses, problem areas they encounter for being online etc.

Here you may use Author tag, readers may put their remarks etc! So if you could explain how we can make our website so it facilitate semantic search?

Also how you will address these problem:

The Babel Problem
The Chicken-Egg Problem
The ROI Problem
The Screen-Scrape Problem
The Marginal Costs Problem
Penguin 2 is all about web spam and black hat practices, using exact match anchor text. You can take following actions to identify and recover from it:
  • Use some tools like ahrefs, seomoz to have a analysis of your links and associated anchor texts with it
  • Figure out low quality back links
  • list them into a text file
  • Go to Google webmaster's disavow tool
  • submit your text document (having all low quality links)
  • Give emphasis on website branding
  • Make your strong presence in social media
  • Wait for next update
lol, thats the first time I've heard an SEO firm advising people not to do SEO

Personally I think you should concentrate with on site SEO, all the things you can easily do, and forget link building. Do what the Google god is trying to get us all to do, let your links grow naturally.

It was a trimmed version of my complete message I said either do it with complete dignity, purpose. Many a times we see many people take it in terms of dirty job!
If a business/website/SEO is taking it in such terms, its better to not to do if only concern is to getting backlinks or visitor anyhow!
Since you know its the time SEO is in evolving phage where objective, strategy, expertise all are important. You can't hire a guy just to insert your website links to web.

Last but not the least - You have to choose either side i.e doing it with ensuring best practices, expertise or not do it use paid things like adwords you don't have option to select middle path
Especially after Penguin 2 you need to change your overall strategy. Its the best time to evolve your efforts, being social, take care of spam, whether knowingly or unknowingly you or texts are doing mistakes. Special care of anchor texts, selecting/using anchor text for blog comments, forum signatures etc.
Now either ensure best practices or don't do SEO, you have to go either side!
Local Business Directories 30th May 2013 10:09 AM
Great list,
Besides these I am getting good response from bizwiki and ibizblvd

I feel these local directories can do a lot value addition of businesses rather than just listing their businesses.