Well i am your 'Market-Stall' Guy and i'd say definitely more than 1 in 2 people try and haggle.

If my bag is £12.99 they'll try for £10.00

A £6.99 purse they'll offer £5.00

2 £12.99 t-shirts they'll offer £25.00

My response depends on the way they ask, depends on how the day is going, and depends on how much i bought it for.

Regards 'enjoyment' i'm now on my 110th straight day at work on my Shopping Centre stall... No day off, no lunch break, no helper...just me on my lonesome for 110 straight days.

In general i still enjoy it, i don't enjoy it when i'm not taking any money but the enjoyment of doing my own thing outweighs pretty much everything else.

I hope it's a long time and ultimately never, that i have to work for someone else again, i just wish i'd get sales through my website and Facebook page to add to the stall...i'd love to moan one day about being too busy...that would pretty much be a goal of mine!

Talking 'to' your phone, talking 'into' your phone, all the same isn't it

sounds like a gimmick aimed at kids. imagine walking down the road talking to your phone?”


What Are You Listening To Now? 9th December 2014 10:45 AM

There is a particular line in that song that i hate, well there are a few actually as i don't suppose they give a you-know-what about snow or Christmas.

However the worst by far is "tonight thank God it's them instead of you"!!!

I think that is a disgusting sentiment, yes of course thank God you are safe, fed and healthy...but don't thank him that someone else is not

Small Business Saturday - 6 Dec 2014 8th December 2014 12:18 PM

If this place was maxed out there are 19 spots available for stalls.

It isn't maxed out in December and it runs with an average of about 9 stalls at any one time.

Of the 17 that are in here now i know 7 that 100% will be pulling out in the 2nd week of January, like they do every year as Jan-March there is close to no-one in here shopping.

So, instead of keeping the rents the same, or actually lowering them to have a full vibrant Centre they are putting the rent up

I also got told by a new trader who came in a couple of weeks ago that he has got the Company to pay for him to have a made-to-measure stall for a product he is thinking of doing...they are paying for his stall to be refitted and my rent (and as it stands no-one else has received an e-mail) is going up...

I've been in here for 5 years.

The get-together thing is great in principle but to be honest everyone looks after themselves, they don't like the rent they move out.

I have had no response to my reply e-mail as of yet

Small Business Saturday - 6 Dec 2014 8th December 2014 10:53 AM
As good a cause as this is, when you get an e-mail like i did this morning saying the rent on my stall is going up by 25% a week from January 1 you realise that Shopping Centres don't give a you-know-what about Independents. That will be me outta here:(
ISIS made me clean the toilets 2nd December 2014 4:02 PM

A 2nd chance after failing an exam?


A 2nd chance after aiming to blow up the world?


Small Business Saturday - 6 Dec 2014 2nd December 2014 1:50 PM

As i have my own 'little empire' i think local and first-hand is best.

I've always worked in small, family-run stores and now have my own stall and website.

I'm 100% sure that deep down people would prefer to have a friendly local place to go that sells something different and actually have a good old fashioned little chat.

The only attempt i had at working somewhere 'big' was about 6/7 years ago at TK only took me a total of 11 hours spread across 4 days to tell them to take their job, turn it sideways, polish it up nice and good and stick it up th...

Think it's good to remind the average consumer once in a while to think about shopping local or utilising local businesses.

Every little helps as some gigantic company with ropey accountancy practices likes to say



For me it's a huge con, in fact i think big sales in general are a con.

There is no way whatsoever that these multi-million pound Companies reduce prices by 70% and don't still make a huge margin- it means they are overcharging in the first place.

Little 'ol me on my little 'ol Shopping Centre Stall...i go in as low as i can in the first place with my prices.


Yours Sincerely Kempres, the old-fashioned honest retailer


Santa is real.

He was born in Turkey, was an elderly man who used to dress up in an old red robe, and go out after dark and leave food and presents on the doorsteps of the poor...he goes waaay back.

Trust me, i'm a McTurk and we know these things