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A good tattoo is not cheap and a cheap tattoo is not good...

Turns out Nigel was right though, with the BBC admitting it was a picked 70% Left Wing audience and Farage now being given his own slot, his own Q&A, on the same night and the same time the other 3 are doing Question Time.

So the big debate last night, minus the PM and Nick Clegg.

Gutsy move by Cameron or election suicide?

Nigel seems to be losing the plot ranting about a BBC picked left wing audience, an dis it me, or Milliband starting to emulate and sound like Blair?

Do wonder if Sturgeon has a secret dream to run for a leadership contest for the Labour party



TXT SPK 23rd March 2015 2:01 PM

It seems to be quite 'trendy' now, not being able to spell properly.

It's as if people don't see correct spelling as important anymore.

And dnot get me srtaetd on sohp nmeas lkie Fone World, tnihgs lkie taht rlleay anony me byenod bielef as well

TXT SPK 23rd March 2015 9:02 AM

How much do u h8 txt spk, it pains me 2 def

Aldi and lidl business model 14th March 2015 9:06 AM

I'm with everyone on the bag thing.

I don't hand them a single penny until i have put all of my items in the bag.

Hmmm Barney, is it a while since you watched?

'token caribbean'...half the characters are Indian, Black, Latvian, Gay, Lesbian, oh and Cockanee

Giving Tips 24th February 2015 9:17 AM

It's the 'expecting' a tip that is the annoying thing.

You know the cabbie is expecting it, i'm already in mental anguish about July...we need a cab to Gatwick and it's £75.00 each way!

It's about a 30 minute drive and £75.00 is waaay painful enough without now hurting my head about whether i'm 'supposed' to give him extra on top

Giving Tips 21st February 2015 10:18 AM

What do you guys feel about giving tips and why are some professions expectant of it?

Taxi Drivers, Hairdressers, Waiters, Fast-Food delivery guys...why is it seen as pretty much a 'Must' that we pay them for essentially doing their job and then be expected to pay them extra as a Thank You?!

I can't remember getting a tip after spending 20 minutes sorting through a box of 1000 badges to find just 1 that a customer wants

Now i almost always do tip, but i have recently started the change to 'almost always'...if the delivery guy brings my foodage and it comes to say £14.20, i give £15.00 willing to say "that's okay" when he goes for change BUT he actually just takes the £15.00 and automatically walks away...then he gets a "oi oi mate, what you doing"?!!

Anyhoo, that's my excellent new Thread...


I go through stages of watching all of them, some of them, none of them!

At the moment i think Emmerdale is the best one but the ' best one' changes according to Storyline.

Coronation Street is best for 'Comedy' and also has the best, umm, female characters...

Eastenders 'on form' is probably the best overall but when it's 'off form' i can't even look at it.

Oh, and Dallas destroyed the lot of them- can't beat a bit of JR!


I don't do anything for it, just a waste of time pile of nonsense:)