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Published 21st February 2015 |
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What do you guys feel about giving tips and why are some professions expectant of it?

Taxi Drivers, Hairdressers, Waiters, Fast-Food delivery guys...why is it seen as pretty much a 'Must' that we pay them for essentially doing their job and then be expected to pay them extra as a Thank You?!

I can't remember getting a tip after spending 20 minutes sorting through a box of 1000 badges to find just 1 that a customer wants

Now i almost always do tip, but i have recently started the change to 'almost always'...if the delivery guy brings my foodage and it comes to say £14.20, i give £15.00 willing to say "that's okay" when he goes for change BUT he actually just takes the £15.00 and automatically walks away...then he gets a "oi oi mate, what you doing"?!!

Anyhoo, that's my excellent new Thread...



Ha ha great one Kempres. I've moved it to rants and all things controversial as I suspect it may be an emotive point for some

Must admit, I've traditionally had a similar view, and never been tipped for any of my previous jobs until I landed in the corporate world and bonus's. That was a pleasant surprise, but in effect a glorified tip for personal or team contribution, for your day job.

But when it comes to restaurants and you have a nice meal, if the waitress/waiter/front of house experience has been nice, you feel they have been attentive and allowed you to have a relaxing and pleasant evening, then why not? We know the staff are low paid, and yes you can argue they should look for better paid work, but if they are happy to do it and be professional, then I've no problem leaving a decent tip.

But that said I've been to places where the staff have been obnoxious, service sloppy, part of your order wrong, but then a tip has still been expected, or a 10% service charge is automatically added, which I will ask to be removed.

Hotels are places I still get awkward, ie one with bell boys and an army of staff. I normally end up saying I'll take my own bags up as I've no idea what the protocol or bell boy going rate is. Personally that kind of tipping is annoying, and in the States it's a nightmare, although you can normally get away with it when they realise your a Brit  That's why Premier Inn's are great, no thrills, carry your own bags and no tipping!

Taxis I tend to round up or give around a £1 as a tip. I've no idea if that's good or bad, just habit. Rarely ever tipped the East European Pizza delivery bods, who mainly speak pigeon English, normally forget something, or my pet hate, get lost so your foods cold and you have to complain, again...

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I'm mean ... I never tip.  I feel a genuine expression of thanks should be my contribution ... and the employer should pay staff properly!


I cannot remember the last time I gave a tip, though I do remember having a row 30 odd years ago with a black cab driver because I never gave him a tip, was left a bit flabbergasted at being asked for one having just paid him £10 for the fare. I occasionally get given tips, but generally feel uncomfortable accepting them so will normally give it to the young lad working with me at the time... Then get him to buy lunch


I hate tipping to as sometimes you just don't know if you should or if you shouldn't.. Where I come from you have to tip the car guard and it can get frustrating when all you done is go in for some milk that's just 1 extreme ,the other was our Chinese delivery the other day we tipped him and he was like wtf you doing lol ..but he was grateful just amazed someone tipped him  

Andy-C | Pewter World

It's the 'expecting' a tip that is the annoying thing.

You know the cabbie is expecting it, i'm already in mental anguish about July...we need a cab to Gatwick and it's £75.00 each way!

It's about a 30 minute drive and £75.00 is waaay painful enough without now hurting my head about whether i'm 'supposed' to give him extra on top


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