Is Valentines Day just a con to sell more cards?

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Published 14th February 2015 |
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I like many others have bought a Card, a heart shaped chocolate box and other nice surprises for my wife to say I love you. I know I dont say it often enough and perhaps on this special day I do need a prompt....

However, is my motive driven by the shame (or indeed fear) of not doing so? Am I expecting a nice meal and a relaxing evening sharing an extra bottle of wine etc.

Or have I just been mugged by the greetings card manufacturers who market this "special day" to sell more stock?

Has commercialism gone too far and are we as a nation being bullied and coerced in to buying things we simply do not need? Our children are beginning to buy into this material ideology without experiencing true childhood and growth (climbing trees and running around "outside" etc)

take a look at this poor kid;

School Kid didn't get a Valentines Card


Ray Priestley
I don't do anything for it, just a waste of time pile of nonsense:)


Don't we all "interpret" any "official" festival as we wish and as circumstances dictate???  I like reminders like these but don't always choose to act on them   


I'm sitting here all on my lonesome listening to Eva Cassidy feeling all down with myself (Tomorrow is a new day).

I have a great dislike of all such days... (Including Christmas etc)

But, if it brings out the romantic in someone, and helps re-kindle the love which may otherwise have been put on the back burner for the rest of the year due to the busyness of business, good on it!

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Didn't do anything this year either as am not a fan of this day at all.. Even any other similar day, they have all been blown out of proportion, also an example Easter is on April 5 , I have already seen hot cross buns appearing and I bet on Monday the Easter eggs will appear .. Actually I have seen them in 1 shop already .. These days need a week in advance maybe 2 weeks not months

Andy-C | Pewter World

aww where has your sense of fun gone people??!!

Like anything celebrated, it is always optional but it is a way of bringing folk together who might not otherwise make the effort. Kind of kickstarts people to start thinking of others, and you don't have to go mad in the shops ....

But what is £20 on a card and bunch of flowers once a year? I mean, it's what you'd spend on a takeaway without thinking twice. I bet folk don't stop to think takeaways and fast foods etc are a waste of money and instead stop at home and cook a nutritional meal and avoid the hype of eating out in fancy places who just upsell and cross sell to steal your money on unhealthy options!

It's not just valentines day, easter or xmas, they all want your money. That's business, folks!


£20 Marks and Sparks meal deal including a bottle of vino, kids in bed, Feet up and slushy movie on the goggle box, Valentine's Day middle age stylie! 

Commercial con? Only if you let it. Just a bit of harmless fun, but no doubt We'll have years of tears with our 2 girls Further down the road.... 

Steve Richardson
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To be honest I forgot about Valentines day, but I have promised her a brand new kitchen this year, a new conservatory, a full side extension with wet room. All she needs to do.... Is find the time to build it all...


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